Globe GOSURF99 2017

What is GoSurf99?

Globe, like any other Telco company in the Philippines has promos to allow its clients and users to enjoy cheaper call and text services compared to the regular rates they implement on their system.

Regular rates per SMS or text message for Globe is one (1) peso per text regardless if it is a Globe mobile number or TM. Other network texting from Globe is also one(1) peso per text.

Calls from Globe to Globe is Php 6.50. Globe to TM is at Php 7.50 rate per minute. Calling to other networks like Sun, Smart, and TnT are also 7.50 pesos per minute.

Globe Prepaid data cost is in terms of per minute or by bulk data in MB. Php5 can buy you internet for 15 minutes or you can choose per MB charging which is Php 2.00 per 1MB. Each type of data rates can be selected from *143#.

GoSurf99 is a Globe data promo. It has 30 days validity and data allocation of 200MB. Normally, the subscriber registers add-on GOSAKTO promo like GOTSCOMBOKEA37 with 1Gb data so that they will enjoy 1.2GB data for 30days. However, changes to Globe systems removed this promos in the registration option. Before, you can send GS99 to 8080 but as of this writing, the promo has been discontinued.

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Hidden to others is the option to gift GOSURF99 to other numbers. If you have a Globe prepaid user friend, or you just have another Globe sim card, just load 100 pesos on the phone that you will not use GOSURF99. Using the number that have load, type GOSURF99 and send it to 2+10 digit number of the intended GOSURF99 receiver/user. You will get confirmation and you can use the GOSURF99 data of 200 MB valid for 30 days. Add-on still apply like GOSURF50 (send to 8080 for additional 1GB) or GOCOMBOIKEA35(send to 8080 for additional 1GB).

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