Pag-Ibig Mp2 Review

Pag-Ibig Mp2 Review

What is Pag-Ibig Mp2?

Pag-Ibig Mp2 is a savings program offered by Pag-Ibig Fund. It offers good paying dividend compared to any deposit accounts at banks. With the Pag-Ibig savings program, you should be able to grow your savings at a prime dividend rate to beat up the inflation rate. We review on the Pag-Ibig Fund Mp2 eligibility, requirements and benefits. We will also clear out Pag-Ibig Mp2 dividend yield in the past few years to see the performance of the fund.

Pag-Ibig Mp2 Review

Why do we need to Save Money the right way?

Inflation rate is the change of prices in the market that lowers the value of money. If you don’t save your money at the right financial program, your money losses some of it’s value as the prices of all the things we need or want goes up.


What do we get from Saving at Pag-Ibig Fund Mp2?

Every year, Pag-Ibig Fund credits dividends to members’ accounts. With Modified Savings Program or Mp2, the annual dividend will compound and your savings on Mp2 will mature in 5 years. It is extendable again for another 5 years if the payee requested for renewal. Otherwise, upon completion of maturity the fund under the payee account will be earning based on the annual dividend rate for Pag-Ibig 1. Pag-Ibig 1 is a government mandated savings scheme for employees in the Philippines and generally have lower dividend rate than Mp2.

How can we become Eligible to Avail the Savings Program?

To avail Pag-Ibig Mp2, you need to be an existing and current member of Pag-Ibig Mp2. Employees with Pag-Ibig 1 can contribute with a minimum amount of Php500.00 a month. Skipped months of contribution can be paid on a different month as long it falls on the same year. For self employed individuals, you need to enroll to Pag-Ibig before availing Pag-Ibig Mp2. Your Pag-Ibig 1 should be current and paid for the month, before you can pay for the Mp2.

How to Avail Pag-Ibig Mp2?

Go to the nearest Pag-Ibig Fund office near you and fill-up the form on Modified Savings Program. You need to have your Pag-Ibig membership information from your Pag-Ibig 1 like your HMDF number. For your convenience, Pag-Ibig rolled out an online Mp2 membership facility you can visit here.

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We may see various data on what the dividend rate is over the years. To shed light to the real Pag-Ibig Savings program data, we only gathered data from the official Pag-Ibig brochures and reports. Other data are unverifiable and since this article is focused on giving a complete review of Pag-Ibig program, we only present official data. Based on the circulating brochure at the top, the dividend rate is at 7.43%. Based on the Pag-Ibig announcement i n 2016, it is 6.93%. This article honors the Pag-Ibig document on the link and not a Facebook brochure post.

Pagibig mp2 growth


Table 1 Pag-Ibig Mp2 Fund Growth 2010 and 2016

real paibig mp2 dividend


Table 2 Pag-Ibig Mp2 Dividend Rate 2010, 2015, 2016

Your 5 year Mp2 term will start once you pay for the 1st month of your Mp2 contribution. Just go to the nearest Pag-Ibig office and remember your HMDF number. Minimum contribution is Php500.00. If you skip a month, try to cover for it on the next month. Going to Pag-Ibig office to pay requires time. Alternatively, you can select GCash payment to conveniently pay for your contribution.

Final Notes

Given all the benefit and detail of Pag-Ibig Mp2, there can hardly be no reason to not avail Mp2. Contributions and earnings are government guaranteed. More details are shown here. Hope you can start availing this option to greatly increase your passive income and savings.




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