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Syncing Facebook Events with Google Calendar

What is Facebook Event?

Facebook is growing. It is the top social media website in the world with 1.94 billion monthly active users (those that logged in to Facebook for the last 30 days) as of the first quarter of 2017. According to Facebook, 550 million users use Facebook events each month. In a month, 41% users engage in public events and 35 million users see Facebook Events everyday. It comes to no surprise that Facebook events provide valuable way of engaging users and page visitors. You can add a relevant photo to catch the attention of readers for your event, add location, and set specific date and time. We will enumerate the steps in syncing Facebook Events with Google Calendar this 2017 in this article.

How to Add Event on Facebook?

On your Newsfeed, you will see on the right side the Explore heading. Click on Events under that. You can see the event count as well beside the Event. After clicking the Event link, you can see the Upcoming Events section. This includes all events you are going, and events you selected as interested. It will also show any Private or Public Event you created. To add new Event, click on New Event button. Select whether public or private event.

How to Add Event on Facebook

Fill up the event details

  1. Event Name
  2. Event Location
  3. Date/Time
  4. Description

Select the Theme/ Event photo. Click on Create Private/Public Event button and your event should be set. It will appear on the Upcoming Event section.

How to Syncing Facebook Events with Google Calendar?

There are two ways of doing this. You can sync all your events in a few steps, or just select one event to export.

Google Calendar is a scheduling and calendar service by Google. Google events can be synced with your Google account on your PC to your Android phone. This makes the Google Calendar platform the biggest calendar service in the world. Combining the advance features of Google Calendar to your Facebook Events, you should be able to maximize the feature rich platform of Google Calendar and social reach of Facebook Events. The following steps are latest methods based on 2017 Google calendar and Facebook UI.

Method 1: Export via URL to Google Calendar

Step 1: On Facebook Newsfeed click Events link on the left side of the website

Clicking on the Events will show the Calendar. Right click on the Upcoming link and select Copy link address. This will put the URL of Upcoming Events link to the clipboard. Alternatively, right click the Birthdays link on the right side of the screen, shown on the marked area on the screenshot below, and copy the link address.

facebook google calendar sync by url method

Step 2: Open Google Calendar and on the left side of the screen you will see Other calendars. Click Add by URL and paste the URL we copied on the previous step. This can be the Upcoming event or the Birthday event depending on what you copied.

Google Calendar Facebook Sync by URL

Paste the link URL and viola, you will have an entry on the Other Calendars showing either Birthdays or Upcoming events. That is a quick step to sync Facebook events to Google Calendar in 2017.


Method 2: Facebook Email Export

Step 1: Go to Facebook Events and send your event to your Gmail email

On your Upcoming Events section, click the event you want to send to your Gmail. Click the More button (three dot icon), select Export Event. Under export Event, select Send to Email. Choose your Gmail then send. You will receive email on your Gmail about the exported event. Save the .ics attachment from that email.

Syncing Facebook Events with Google Calendar send Event to email

Step 2: Open Google Calendar and Sync the Facebook Event Export .ICS

Go here to open Google Calendar. Click on the Gear icon or the Settings on the right, then

Open Google Calendar and Sync the Facebook Event

At Calendar settings, find the Calendars tab. Click on Import Calendar. Select the .ics attachment file you saved earlier and click Import button. You can select which Google Calendar to sync the Facebook event.

Step 3: Verify if the Facebook Import is successful. Check by going back to Calendar view

Verify if the Facebook Import is successful at Google Calendar view

Do this for all your Facebook Calendar.


Final Note

Hope the article solves all your needs to sync Facebook Events to Google Calendar. The article sought to provide complete and detail-rich steps for your use. If you have questions, please leave your comment below. You can read more helpful tips if you sign up with the newsletter. Newsletter email sign up form will be available on the right side of the screen.

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