Using Debit Card in Steam

Using Debit Card in Steam

What is Steam?

Steam is video game digital distribution software owned by Valve Corporation, which is already the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming. Steam gives the gamer option to install and automatically update games. It also have community capabilities like groups and friends lists, cloud, and in-game chat and voice feature. It is initially developed for use on Microsoft Windows, but its wide acceptance allowed it to be developed for other platforms loke Mac OS X and Linux. Mobile apps with connected functionality with the main software were later released for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone gadgets. Steam games and offerings can be purchased using various method of payment, and we will talk about paying purchases with debit card in Steam.

How to Use Steam?

Steam offers various PC, Mac, and Linux games, many of which integrates to Steam Application Program interface and support Steam Play. This enables cross-platform multiplayer mode which means you buy once and any device you log-in on PC, Mac or Linux will be compatible to your game.

Download steam here and create an account.

How to Buy Steam Games?

There are various options for this. According to their site:

  1. Credit Card
  2. PayPal
  3. WebMoney
  4. iDeal
  5. PaySafeCard
  6. Moneybookers
  7. Sofortüberweisung /
  8. Russian Terminals / Kiosks
  9. Wallet / In Game Transactions
  10. Debit Card

Using Debit Card in Steam

Many of us use our own credit card to pay for everything. If you have Paypal and you are outside US, you might use your Paypal for purchases. Luckily, as confirmed by the Steam support page, you can use your debit card with Steam.

Install Steam from the Steam website. Let the program update, which normally depends on your internet speed.

install steam

One done, create account with Steam and Log-in to the app.

After finding your game, add it to your cart for check-out.

Proceed to Buy for Myself> Purchase. Make sure you read the Steam Subscriber agreement then click the check box if you agree.

The price will be shown, make sure you have enough fund on your card before you proceed.

With a funded debit card, make sure to enter your card information like: card number, card expiry date, and cvv 3 digit number at the back of the debit card. Other details need to be filled up as well: First name, Last name, Billing address, zip code, country, and phone number. Remember to uncheck the save payment information box if you don’t want to save your card information for future transaction with Steam.

Purchase confirmation needs to be clicked. If the payment went through, you will get a confirmation message. If it did not went through, make sure you entered all information correctly, make sure the card is active, check if the card has sufficient fund, or call your bank to check if there are authorization hold from your other autopay bills link to your card or any other reasons that is preventing your transaction to push through. Try to use a different card if you have other debit card.

Congratulations for your game purchase. Enjoy the game!



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