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Hostgator Favicon

Hostgator is a web hosting provider offering shared web hosting service to webmasters. You can host various content management system with their service like WordPress. By default, a website created in WordPress do not have favicon. Favicon is the website’s favorite icon. This favicon is being shown at the tab of you site on your browser window. Favicons are meant to be a descriptive icon for the website it represents, a brand so to speak. Hostgator hosted website will have alligator favicon if no favicon is found on the root directory. We will show how to remove hostgator favicon off your website. Favicon is important to your website. We will show how to remove hostgator favicon with simple steps.

How to Remove Hostgator Favicon?

Create your favicon file

In order to remove the Hostgator Favicon and replace it with your own, first create your favicon file. Favicon files are .ICO files with 16 pixel x 16 pixel dimension. You can first design a jpeg art or png logo, then convert it into the specific resolution. Save it as .ICO. Popular favicon creator is Gimp which is free online software. There are also other online favicon creator which are free like It would be better to make your artwork less complicated as the image result will be blurred. Make sure it is square format also since th target .ICO is a square 16x 16 pixel.

Upload the favicon file in root folder

Log-on to your Hostgator Cpanel. Find your File Manager link. It is usually at the Files section in the middle of the page. After clicking it, you will see the home or root folder. Depending on your site, you may not have any favicon there yet. Click Upload button to upload you created favicon. Select the option Overwrite existing files to remove any existing favicon file on the root directory.

Upload the favicon file in WordPress themes folder

After successfully uploading the favicon in the root, you need to copy the favicon icon as well into this directory:


Upload the favicon inside the theme folder.

Edit Header.php

Header.php can be easily edited using the WordPress Admin page. Go to your and log-in. Go to Appearance>Editor. A warning message will prompt, and select proceed if you are confident that you can reverse the things you did if something happened. Anyway, we will just add 2 line of code.

Header.php in WordPress themes folder

Click on the header.php on the right menu. Right menu should show all files available for your editing.

Header.php Remove Hostgator Favicon

Only Edit header.php file. You will see the code editor. Add the following lines to after the <head> tag:

<link rel=“shortcut icon” href=“/favicon.ico” type=“image/x-icon”> <link rel=“icon” href=“/favicon.ico” type=“image/x-icon”>

That’s it. Click Save button to save your changes. Usually, the icon will not change instantly when you visit your website. I advise restarting your computer to clear the favicon cache saved by the browser.
You now have your custom favicon and you are able to removed hostgator favicon off your site.

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