Talkase Mini Mobile Phone

Talkase Mini Mobile Phone

Product Specification

General: Mini mobile phone with GSM capability
Screen:P-OLED Display 128*36 Pixel  1.1″
Talking time: 2.5 to 3.0 hours
Standby: 4 to 5 days
Battery Capability: 200 mAh removable battery
Memory card: n/a
Speaker: Yes
Microphone: Yes
Touch Screen: No
Size: 86mm x 48mm x 5.5mm LxWxH
Colors: Black, White, Blue


Talkase Mini Mobile Phone

Final Notes

Talkase is a GSM phone which can send, reply and forward messages. It needs SIM card to operate GSM services. With Smartsync, your contacts can be sync on your new smart phone via bluetooth. Talkase can be used as a recorder. It also offer anti-theft feature. With this handy phone that can fit on your shirt pocket you can control music on your smart phone and it has 24 hours clock.

You can find this product at $70 from this link.

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