sss loan balance

SSS Statement of Loan Balance

SSS Loan Balance

SSS loan is being payed by the employer by salary deduction to the SSS branch on behalf of the employee. SSS loan is a cash loan granted upon application of an SSS member. It is intended for short-term credit needs, in which SSS provides low interests which is part of SSS services. The loan balance is the amount of outstanding balance needed to be paid by the member.

SSS Statement of Loan Balance Checking

The employee can ask the employer directly how many months were paid on the SSS loan. They may find this awkward as the employee might just want to check it themselves to SSS. The SSS member may go to SSS for inquiries, but the hassle of going to SSS during business day and time will require an employee to give time to it for a simple inquiry.

It is important to check the SSS Statement of loan balance. The loan balance needs to be paid monthly in order for the SSS member to pay the loan amount in time. Having a loan balance is quite bothersome, specially if you forget about it. It might incur more interest and penalty.

We don’t want to be a delinquent SSS loan borrower since the penalty and interest can get huge. Loan restructuring is available, but all of this can be avoided if you have a way to check you SSS statement of loan balance.

SSS rolled out an online facility for this. Their website gives a rich set of links that will give you the online services you need. We will walk you through checking your SSS Statement of Loan balance this 2017 on the next few lines.

How to Check SSS Statement of Loan Balance Online?

Go to using your browser. It will pop-up an IE version 11 download screen which is just about IE 11 better compatibility to SSS online site. Most users have IE 11, hence close it and proceed to next step. You may also try with other browsers, but IE 11 is prefered.

Under the Login Member panel on the right, log in to your account. Remember the User ID and Password you used before on signing up with SSS online website. If you forget the password, reset it using the forget password link.

You will be routed to a welcome screen. This means you are successfully logged in.

sss loan balance

At the top menu, you will find E-SERVICES. Click it and select Inquiry. This will show the Member Inquiry information. On the third level menu, now go to LOANS then  find LOAN STATUS/LOAN INFO and click it.

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