Jogging is a form of anaerobic exercise where muscles of of the legs and feet are developed by travelling a certain distance by foot. It differs from running in terms of intensity as running involves faster travel by feet and requires rapid movement and effort to quickly cover a distance. Since the human body can endure running at short period before exhausting, jogging is a more preferred form of exercise due to it’s lower intensity and requires ample time at 30 minutes to 1 hour. Benefits of jogging to the body are often overlooked, but doing exercise in general can be done with going to gym which has membership cost. Jogging benefit not only include health and fitness, but also helps in terms as a casual exercise and is more energising since it is done outdoors. Everyday jogging can also be done, depending on preference. Most everyday joggers have a fix schedule and have enough time to jog around and be physically fit.


Benefits of jogging everyday includes weight control. Weigh gain happens everyday. Lack of exercise causes fat buildup. With jogging, one can burn fat. The number of joggers actually peak on and after the Christmas and holiday periods. New Year encourages people to trim some weight, and often resort to jogging everyday to arrive to their target. Jogging is very effective and the body pain involved during initial jogs are minimal. Successive jogging will lead to less body pain due to muscle build-up. Jogging is a cardio-vascular exercise. It has a clear benefit to the heart since it is a muscle responsible for pumping blood in the body. The activity promotes heart health and flow of blood in our veins. Muscles of the legs might shrink due to less exercise. Heart also need exercise. For professionals receiving less physical exposure and effort, jogging is a perfect bonding moment with coworkers and friends. Having a group of  joggers is enjoying, as one can strive more with companions. Jogging can also be enjoying running alone with music via headphones. Wireless headphones can be quite effective than corded headphones since it avoid distraction from the dangling wires while running.


Good gear is needed to start jogging. Investing time and effort in jogging is great and everyday jogging may become a result due to the benefits mentioned. Having good shoes will be ideal for everyday use and longer jogging distances. Wear and tear will have effect on the shoes. Having running shoes from reputable running shoe brands is best.

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