Talyer or auto repair shop is a lucrative business to start in the Philippines. The idea is that there exist cars and automobiles in any area which may require service of auto repair shop. New cars usually go to casa if their is still warranty. Usually the casa would provide maintenance for the cars if they are brand new. Talyer on the other hand offers services same as casa, but for out of warranty repairs. The business of talyer shop is usually located beside the road since vehicles pass the road and might need servicing.


Basic service and car repairs are commonly handled by talyer. However there are instances that advance car works are done depending on the capacity of your talyer business. Casa  may or may not allow the owner to be near the vehicle while being serviced. Unlike the talyer, you can ask the mechanic questions and even have a chat with them. Talyer mechanics are often friendly, which is also why some develop suki or loyal customers. The auto repair business is often going to charge per hour on their hourly rate. Cost for the parts is also separate.

The cost and rate often differs from any other talyer. The talyer business might be started in the metropolitan, where enough space is available or where sidewalk is wide to have a work area or waiting area for vehicles. Skilled mechanic is needed to be employed. Technical courses with Tesda can also be a good foundation if you would like to be technically prepared on the talyer business.

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