Buying a used hard disk might be tempting. Given a low price offer for a hard drive one would think that it is a good deal. Don’t buy used hard disk if you can afford a new hard disk. Hard disk are used as the primary storage of a computer system. They are built from hard disks of varying capacity from 100Gb to 3000Gb. 1000 gigabyte is equal to 1 terabyte. Most desktops today either use 500Gb to 1Tb since modern operating system like Windows 10 can easily fill up a 100Gb drive. Solid state drives are the latest storage technology offering faster access time of data and is stable enough for read write access cycle as shown on the product specification. Given high price for the SSDs, we often buy more spacious drives. We use the hard disk to store photos, videos, music, movies, and personal data files. But as a recommendation, don’t buy used hard disk.

There are reasons why we might buy a hard disk. We might want to expand the capacity of our current storage. We can do so by adding extra hard disk inside the CPU. For laptops, we can replace the low capacity disk with a higher capacity one. Adding additional hard drive needs some basic PC knowledge. Other hard disk products comes with manual, and can be followed by a non-techie person.

Adding hard drive by inserting a second hard disk means that the motherboard should have a spare SATA port. Most motherboard has more than 2 SATA ports. Also, the power supply should have an remaining HDD power cable available. Some adaptors are contained in the hard disk packaging for the CPU fan 4 pin power plug. But aside from having a hard disk manual, and the essential hard disk accessories like SATA cable, screws, and adapter, buying brand new hard disk will be better versus buying used hard disk.

Hard disk are very delicate computer component. Given enough physical shock on the computer or the hard disk itself can cause drive failure. Having power loss can cause data loss. Mechanical problem can cause the drive to stop working and causes PC hang. Most computers with failing drives have caused lost data and slow computers. Buying a used or second hand hard disk is not recommended. Buying a brand new hard drive is not much expensive compared to offers for buying a used drive. Wear and tear of used drive will basically cut the usable life of the hard disk. Brand new hard disk are not yet used. Wear and tear is not yet present on a brand new hard drive. Warranty of the brand new hard drive is also the reason to not buy a used hard disk. In case the new drive fails, the warranty will cover for its repair or replacement.


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