Shareit is a favourite mobile software application that allows peer-to-peer file transfer at very fast speed. Compared to earlier data transfer technologies like Bluetooth and infrared, Shareit app uses the built-in WIFI hotspot of mobile smarthphones in sending big files from few megabytes to movie sizes usually 4 gigabytes in just few minutes. Shareit for Windows 10 PC will be a great app since it will allow easy, fast and secure way of sending files to their computer. Shareit for a Windows 10 PC is also available. Downloading the Shareit app is free and can be downloaded by following the link below:

Shareit Download Link Android

Most laptop users would connect their phone via USB cable. That idea came from our use of USB flashdrives fro transferring data. Like what we see frequently on the laptop manual or android phone manual or quick start guide, it does not say about the possibility of sending big files from a smartphone to laptop or vie versa using hotspot via Shareit app. Since it will avoid getting the USB cable and plugging it to an available USB port, Shareit is an instant wireless data transfer app for supported devices like laptop with Shareit installed. Windows 10 PCs are popular nowadays due to Microsoft’s effort in marketing their latest OS. Customised desktop PCs and laptops often come with WIFI adapter with hotspot capability.

shareit for windows 10 pc

As of this writing, there are one billion Shareit users according to Shareit app website at Based on speed, it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth connection. Its cross-plaform capability allows ease of sharing of files from android, IOS, Windows phone, MAC or a Windows 10 PC. Given the prevalence of Shareit app on smartphones due to its transfer rate, having the app on your Win 10 laptop or WIFI capable PC is a good idea. Luckily, Shareit for Windows 10 PC is available for download. Click the official Shareit app link for WIn 10 PC below:

Shareit Download for Windows



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