We look into the exciting offering of AMD- Ryzen 3 1200 which is a 4 core 4 thread processor. This chip is a great processor. Compared to other Intel Core processor, the chip lacks integrated graphics. However, the 4 core included in the chip is nmore than enough reason to build it as a PC for gaming. For non-gaming applications, the chip is powerful enough to run the applications like Photoshop, MS Office, multi-tabbed Google Chrome, or other productivity apps. It runs Win 10 without a hiccup in performance. The AMD Ryzen is the new star in the beginner to intermediate gamer desktop world. It provides a very competitive but cheap alternative for Core i3. For the price saving, it can be put on the purchase of a descent video graphics card that gaming desktop should have. It is logical to buy video card for purpose of video intensive apps and high resolution games which is a saving you get from a processor that gives powerful processing without any integrated graphics price add-on. Last quarter of 2017 is the best time to build your own gaming PC.

Running at 2400 MHz memory might not be the top of the line specification in gaming, but since most gamers or casual graphic and video editors might not need such given their budget. Budget gaming is the focus of this PC build guide using AMD Ryzen 3. It is 2017, and AMD gives promising leap. Competition on gaming systems is great, as consumers get to choose the best value products for their needs. AMD is a game changer given that cheap but powerful processor is essential to any PC build. We note that motherboard pricing should also follow with the great step of AMD, as price for a descent overclock capable board can be lessened.

Buying a video card is needed on this build. A Php 4000 above video card will give the needed push for the high frame-rate game. The resulting setup is superior than Intel Core processor without video card in terms of the visual aspect. Price of this build is around 22,000 pesos to 23,000 pesos. For interested buyers that will order this PC build, you can reach a qualified IT specialist at acejabel@gmail.com.

PC Build Guide Components

AMD RYZEN 3 1200 3.1GHZ (3.4GHZ TURBO) 4 Cores

MSI B350

1 TB Hard disk

8GB DDR4 2400

Casing with 700W Power Supply

USB Keyboard And Mouse

NVIDIA GT730 Video Card

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