With this guide, we will be able to have an Intel Core i3 desktop PC based on avaiable hardware this late 2017. As the year nears its ending, we want to end it with only the latest technology and gadget for our personal productivity and gadget needs. The are many applications of having a desktop, which includes a dependable computer that can run faster and customizable for gaming, office work, home work, and assignments. Our desktops provide the raw power and stability in the long run, and can be enhanced part by part in case of a technological change on areas of desktop computing. We will look into PC build guide for Intel Core i3.

The following Core i3 Intel powered desktop gear is chosen based on limited budget on this PC build guide for basic to moderate gaming and home desktop. We choose the specs based on the best value metrics considering the price, and the associated benchmark. The benchmark gives an idea of the relative performance of the component compared to other models or even brands. We chose Intel Core i3 for the build, but other builds are available which will be featured on the linked PC builds of this website. Core i3 7100 is selected for its latest release date than other chips like Skylake or Haswell. Kabylake aka 7th generation Intel Core series has been around this year, giving us opportunity to see it’s performance and reviews. Core i3 is basically a 2 core processor with 4 threads thanks to Intel Hyperthreading technology.

Our need for a reliable PC is limited by our budget. For this build, we have estimated the cost of the following components to be around Php19,000 to Php20,000. It can cost more depending on the store where the parts are bought. These are brand new parts, and the warranty is included. Building PC is a fun thing to do. You may have a hard time figuring out the assembling and proper connection, but you may ask help. This parts list is provided for educational purposes. Other variants of brand, model and specification can be created depending on the end user’s need. If this is to be choose as a gaming platform, the build is an intermediate for gaming. In graphic editing application, the processor can certainly provide the power. Video editing will require higher processor model, but is still usable for low resolution editing. The specifications below is ideal as a basic home computer to do browsing, streaming, video watching, create MS Office documents, run accounting software, or play medium setting games. For interested buyers that will order this PC build, you can reach a qualified IT specialist at acejabel@gmail.com.

PC Build Guide Components

INTEL CORE i3 7100 (3.9Ghz)
MSI B250M Motherboard
8GB 2400 DDR4 RAM
1 Terabyte Hard Disk
Casing with 700W Power Supply
USB Keyboard and Mouse

Operating system and application software are to be included. Custom builds also needs proper configuration and installation of system drivers. The optional components can be a Wifi adapter, a video card, an SSD, or more memory.

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