The latest technology is always making the desktop market landscape dynamic. There are times that the parts you bought last year will be available which can be superior revision. The processor speed has been observed to grow consistent to the Moore’s law. We now have 14 nanometer consumer processor technology. The components run powerful but also energy efficient. The cut of thermal dissipation improves the life of the electronics, and hence better life span under advised operating environment. Cost is one of the biggest consideration, and newer parts can be price-tagged with a premium. Thanks to competition, we get the best value for our money per performance and quality.

Video cards are a challenge to PC builders and gamers. Games with increasing complexity and higher resolution graphics are written, and the demand for powerful chips and cards makes the video card susceptible to quick depreciation. The excitement brought by graphical user interface paved the way for a graphics hungry application. It is an appetite that grow every year, with demand for higher resolution display to show vivid and clear computer graphic render. Games may utilise all the cores and threads of the processor, but the video card takes considerable burden of pumping the pixels to a high resolution screen. Selling old desktop for new build is sound depending on the type of component being sold, and the associated cause of the need to build new desktop.

Building new desktop can be pricey, as the components are the latest  release. We are attracted to the possibilities of a faster computer. Our old computer might seem slow for our needs. Our hardware may degrade and eventually collapse and become faulty. All of this can be your driving force to sell the old PC for a brand new desktop.

Selling the old PC is a hard thing to do. Anyone is mindful of the wear and tear effect. Used hardware might not be appealing at original price. We may find difficulty matching the latest generation offering for your outdated features. A buyer however is still restricted by budget. As a way to sell the PC you bought 2 years ago, we slash the original cost or alternatively give freebies. The selling of the computer will follow after successful deal with a buyer. The lucky buyer will have a system that meets their needs, for years to come. Desktop computers that are assembled are not that much hard to maintain, compared to used laptops. The assembled components can be easily replaced one by one. It only depends on the availability of the component during a replacement, but since the parts are standardised, the interface will remain much the same across brands.

New computers are always eye catching and makes the desktop users excited. Computers are investment, and the need should dictate the specification of the build. It is not always about what is new, but what are the innovations that happened that makes sense on your need to change computer. The sold cost of old PC might be half the price of original cost. Knowing the trade-off of when to sell your old PC must be acceptable and reasonable. Selling a working desktop can be a hindrance, and users today have an idea of marketing strategies. If the old PC already done its productive life cycle under your ownership, then you can decide to let others enjoy the better priced desktop they need.


By techno

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