8th Gen Intel Core Processors Announced

Intel has new addition to it’s flagship processor family in it’s Core series. The 8th generation is announced promising innovation from its last generation Kabylake processors. For this 8th generation series, the processor giant gave the official processor line data which can be shown here. Processors never stop evolving, giving customers and desktop users the engine to run highly demanding games, sophisticated business tools, graphic applications and high resolution streaming.8th Gen Intel Core Processors Announced,

The 8th Generation Intel processors is named Coffee Lake. Recalling back at the time the 7th generation was released, Win 10 was the Windows operating system designed to run under the Skylake system. For this chip, we expect innovation that is in terms of performance. AMD is playing catch and seems to get considerable market share in gaming PC build from the introduction of its Threadripper line. Consider AMD Ryzen 3, and 5 which provides cheaper substitute to Core i3s and Core i5. Paying a true 4 core processor for less is a winning advantage for AMD in this segment, taking account the savings you get from the Ryzen chips tht you can use for buying a dedicated graphics card. Dedicated graphics card are needed in heavy graphics application and games. Lets see what the Intel offer has for our review.

8th Gen Intel Core i5

The Core series 8th Gen nearing release has been around since August, but this October the long wait is over. Intel on its official product overview stated that the processor offers amazing performance and responsiveness. It also have simple, convenient, and application in immersive entertainment. Designed for what’s next, Intel 8th Gen Core line would be feature packed and ready for the processing demand of the applications and software that will leverage its performance improvement of as much as 40% versus earlier versions. Mobile series include i7-8650U, i7-8550U, i5-8350U, and i5-8250U  mobile processors.

Editing 4K Ultra high resolution videos would be faster, as the dedicated media engine takes care of that. Intel® Quick Sync
Video for near real-time 4K rendering also shows application on high resolution entertainment.



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