SD-WAN Overview

Software defined Wide Area Network or SD-WAN is the latest technology in terms of Wide area networking. WAN is an enterprised network that span multiple geographically distant region. A local area network or LAN is an in-premise network inside the company which is made up of network backbone, LAN interconnection and structured cabling, networked devices, wireless WIFI and its connected mobile devices, desktop and laptops.

SD-WAN Overview

SD-WAN like the traditional WAN based dynamic or static routing is designed to get LANs interconnected. The ISP provides that infrastructure for the communication from a Site A into a Site B. Multisite offices see the benefit of WAN in terms of management, control, availability, sharing, and communication. Sending emails and sharing files would be effortless. Securing the overall network is centrally managed and enforced.


Software Defined LAN refers to the advance feature of Software based routing of application data packets. Technically, the raw packets of transport and networking layer of the interconnection models are what WAN equipment use to identify traffic. The latest trend goes to software defined approach, in which a high level view of the traffic is presented to the IT service provider for ease of management. The selection and prioritisation of application specific traffic is done in an intuitive manner that is almost impossible from a traditional routers deployed for WAN.


As companies see growth and doubling of traffic within their network, the WAN will have slower performance and SLA or service level agreement that suffers. WAN is an infrastructure to make company applications work seamlessly between the boundaries of distance. By embracing technologies from leaders in networking like Cisco, a company can maximise the resources it pays on MPLS bandwidth or on newer L2TP/IPsec VPN. The feasibility of cost saving and performance of hybrid networks running a dedicated line and internet leased line to support the growing inter-connectivity need of the enterprise.

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