Sending money and transacting with Paymaya is now easy with Facebook Messenger app. Paymaya is an app that can be used as a virtual prepaid card for online shopping and payments using card instead of cash. This is very useful in case the user do not have a debit card or a credit card at hand. Sending money is also one of the use of Paymaya. Integration to a custom FB Messenger page allows these transactions simpler. It also opens door for the use of the Paymaya service since most of the internet users have their own Facebook account.


FB Messenger is the most used instant messaging app on smartphones. The prevalence of its use is due to Facebook. Contacts can send free messages, voice mail, and files like photos to their friends, relative, or workmates using any available source of internet.

Paymaya is an app that provides many services which include sending money, virtual card, buying load, and bills payment. For more information about Paymaya, visit the official Paymaya FAQ.

To access Paymaya on FB Messenger, open the Facebook Messenger app. Search for Paymaya, and you will see the Official Paymaya page. It also highlights on its banner that Paymaya is now live on FB Messenger.


When the user links the Paymaya account, the options that can be done so far this Sept 2017 as of this writing are as follows:

  1. Buy load
  2. Deposit cash
  3. Pay bills
  4. Send money
  5. Account information

Paymaya can still be accessed on earlier access platform like the Paymaya app.

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