SSDs or solid state drives are a good computer upgrade option or as a premium in a brand new computer specification. Hard disk drives are known to exhibit slower performance than solid sate drives. Solid state drives do not run metal disks read and write operation, but rather as a flash storage of non-volatile data that has a certain read-and-write life cycle. Through the years, the technology matured providing fast response and longer storage life. The first wave of SSDs in the market are SATA III drives. Later on, developments lead to PCI or peripheral component interconnect attached SSDs.


PCI provides faster data transfer due to on-board parallel data transfer. Components are attached to on-board sockets. Other computer hardware that utilize the PCI include video cards, WIFI adapter, and sound cards. Performance of a PCIe was later on developed for PCIe Gen3 SSDs.


mSATA or mini-SATA is designed to operate to high speeds usually above the maximum SATA III specification speed. The reduced form factor makes it look like a memory stick. The non-bulky design is realized as being very natural as the SSD are just made of flash chip storage which can be assembled into these mini devices.

M.2 PCIe SSDs are an upgraded form which resembles memory sticks also but are slimmer in general than mSATA. Aside from the change of category in the SSD family, the M.2 gets its innovative feature in terms of bus design. There was also a general 22 mm wide module size. In terms of the bus design, the SSD controller along with the interface (whether it uses all four lanes of the PCIe) defines the performance of the drive. Having four laness supported means more data for transmition and receiving in a simultaneous manner. Products of this type has a very good performance of up to 2500MB/s read and 1100MB/s write rate. Plus, these latest SSDs are expected to support NVMe or the on-board device support during boot-up which makes the SSD detected by the system and begin the operating system loading.

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