Riding with a friend or a relative might bring curiosity on a device hooked on the car’s dashboard. A device that is mounted and points to the driver’s vision on the road. They are tiny devices that may also be connected to the windshield. These are dash cams. Transcend, being an electronic giant in chip and memory making now have another addition to their list of diversified electronic gadget offering. DrivePro 230 is the latest model we will review on this article.


Transcend’s DrivePro 230 dashcam costs Php 7,399.00 and together in the package includes the warranty information, suction mount, manual and a free microSD card. The unit is powered by an internal battery which is a lithium battery type. The transcend dash cam was designed with style and has a black color and body made of plastic material. The DrivePro 230 camera has a Sony image sensor that generates clear and vivid recording with excellent fine tonal gradation. It can record in Full HD mode or 1920x1080P @30fps. It can also be set to record at HD mode or 1280x720P @30fps. Both are encoded in H.264 in .mov file.

In addition, Transcend DrivePro 230 sports a GPS receiver. The GPS receiver which is a handy feature to locate the footage based on a record GPS position logged with the recording.

The Transcend DrivePro 230 also has a useful snapshot button. The device can play snapshots via built-in button and can be presented for recording review. The WIFI connectivity integrates the device to your smartphone. You may stream the footage real-time via app.

Having a dash cam can be considered as having a car accessory. It is  an extra step to protect you when a traffic incident happen and can be used as an evidence when needed. For the cost, the price is not much expensive. It can be an investment for daily car user.


By techno

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