Eating banana everyday is a good thing. Not only because it provides a cheap alternative for expensive imported fruits, but banana packs a lot of benefits to the body. Philippines has a total estimated export of $618.8 million worth of bananas , which translates to 5.3% of total exported bananas in the world in the year 2016. The banana fruit is grown locally and consumed either raw or cooked.


Cavendish varieties are primary grown for export. Latundan and lakatan are popular and commonly sold at public market, grocery stores, and even by sidewalk fruit vendors. The price of banana is based on the weight. The average price as of writing is Php 50.00 per kilogram. Comparing to other fruits sold, banana is affordable and the most served fruit during meals. Eating fruits has many health benefits. It provides the vitamins essential for body function. The dietary fiber is important aid in the digestion and cleaning of intestines. The richness of minerals found in banana like potassium which is an important body mineral in the form of electrolyte.

This yellow fruit contains the following daily recommended dietary allowance:

Vitamin B6 – 20%

Dietary fiber – 16 %

Vitamin C – 15%

Potassium – 11%

The abundance of Viatamin B6 makes banana a fruit of choice to protect the body from colds and flu. The Vitamin C content also lessens the severity and length of common colds incubation period. Athletes and gym-goers can pack banana to their diet since the potassium content is good to replenish electrolytes lost during exercise.


Claims shows that bananas can help reduce change of stroke, reduce fatigue and anemia, fight insomia, has anti-ulcer properties for heartburns, and good for the heart since its rich in potassium. Eating bananas will keep blood pressure in moderation due to low sugar content of the fruit that is ideally eaten after a meal. Stuides reveal that babies and kids aged 0 to 2 years old can prevent the development of leukaemia by feeding with banana and oranges. The effect was attributed to the abundance of Vitamin C and potassium in bananas.


Black spotted bananas needs to be appreciated too. The spotted banana means the banana is very ripe. This signs of fruit ripening also means that the TNF or the Tumor Necrosis Factor is higher. TNF is a tumor fighting substance which makes cellular and immune response in harmony to prevent cell abnormality characterized by failing apoptosis.


Minions beware, as readers are informed of the benefits of banana will have a different look of the importance of bananas to our diet. Eating 2 piece of bananas will beg good for the body.


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