Laptops are important and indispensable tool for work, school, and home. The portability of laptop versus the desktop PC makes it a gadget of choice to be bought by a computer user. Not all laptops are created equal. Other laptops are slow. Other as not. The speed, performance, and flexibility of the laptop on many concurrently opened apps should always be considered. Who would want to buy a laptop that is slow and has poor performance. Other laptops hang because of low memory or RAM installed on the system. For a desktop computer, this can easily be fixed with buying another memory to be inserted to the motherboard. This is simply not the case for laptops. Laptops are not easy to upgrade. Laptop system board will only support few upgrades that it shows on its specification. Having a slow processor on a laptop due to choosing a low-end processor unit can not be upgraded to a higher end and latest generation of processors. Simply it is because laptops system board will need to be replaced in the process, which is very expensive and not worth the effort. We present the following list of the most affordable core i7 laptops as of Q4 2017 to provide an idea of what to buy for a good quality and high performance laptop.


Christmas is coming and everyone is excited for the upcomming occasion. Gifts are given to family and friends. Some gifts are also for yourself. Laptop is a perfect gift, which is not just a gadget to brag, but as a productivity tool. Having laptop nowadays is a norm. We watch movies on it, we create MS Word document on it, we do spreadsheets on our laptops. Laptops are not just for web browsing and a tool to print to a printer. It is also a good investment if you do graphic arts, gaming, or computer programming. We focus our list on Intel Core i7 processor powered laptops. Intel is the world’s number one supplier of computer processors. In laptop market, there are processors to choose from. Majority, the price of the unit is dictated by the type of processor is features. The reason is simply because the processor are one of the most expensive component of a computer. Users can choose between Celeron, Pentium, and Core i series. Core i series are Core i3, COre i5, Core i7 and lately core i9. Core i7 is a powerful processor. The speed of the processor in terms of GHz is not a measure of the performance of the processor. Laptops for productivity and high performance use Core i7.

We look now at some most affordable Core i7 Laptops as of Q4 2017. Quarter 4 of 2017 starts in September, and the list of the items on the list are checked as of October 15, 2017.

List of Most Affordable Core i7 Laptops as of Q4 2017

Lenovo Ideapad 310-15IKB i7-7500U

For a price of Php 34,000.00, you will get an intel powered laptop with processor Core i7-7500U. Intel just launch its 8th generation Core series processors in August of 2017. As laptop manufacturers are not yet producing Core series 8th gen processor powered laptops, 7th generation or Kabylake processors are still the newest Intel powered laptop we can get.


The laptop provides a big display of 15.6″ High Definition LED display. Display is measure in terms of monitor diagonal. It has a generous amount of memory or RAM. 12 Gb of RAM is an enourmous amount, but the system will surely benefit for this enourmous RAM for multi-tasking, encoding, and 4k video stream and watching. Games also eat up a lot of memory, which makes the laptop  a good choice.

Storage is 1 Terabyte or 1000 Gb. SSDs would have been great, but such specs is not that important if you plan to store a lot of files. Video files and photos that are HD have huge file sizes. This hard drive capacity is double the 500Gb hdd capacity you will find on some mediocre laptop.

One thing, the laptop does not have dedicated graphics card. It has an integrated Intel HD Graphics which is house inside the processor itself. No graphics card is a mark down for high fps gaming, but will do for basic games and low to medium fps games.

Genuine Windows 10 Home operating system is bundles and preloaded on the unit. Win 10 will be minimum OS to run on this processor, as Kabylake Intel processors are not designed to run Win 7. Other non-windows OS will also work on this system if user decides to do so. Color is black, and can be purchased here for Php 34,000.00 only. Free laptop bag included.

HP Notebook 15-ay196nr i7-7200U

Another value laptop we have on the list is the HP Notebook 15-ay196nr laptop. HP is a leading brand of laptop for home and office. The laptop we see from our source shows a very low price of Php 31,999.00 for an Intel Core i7 laptop. Th best processor line that money can buy, at a price lower than malls prices or laptop stores. It is powered by Intel i7-7200U , also a 7th generation laptop. Other laptops would get close to the price of 32k, but seeing the processor is important. You may get Core i5 processor powered laptop for the same price, hence why not get a 7th Gen Intel Core i7 laptop which is superior and faster than other Core series model.


For a budget minded buyer, who would consider the big 15.6″ Diagonal HD LED Display, the built-in touch screen in the display is multi-touch and works pretty well with a more mobile version Win10 Home operating system. You would get touchscreen from high end units, and this laptop model at its current low price is deemed on-sale. Perfect for your personal digital device productivity arsenal

Memory is 8GB DDR4. DDR4 is one of the fastest memory module that the computer system can access to. Memory speed greatly improved, and processor to memory bottleneck is considerably lowered due to faster memory clock speed. Basically, that means you have a high read and write access for the computer memory, making it work and process data faster for the benefit of the user. The laptop comes with a 1TB HDD storage.

The laptop uses an integrated graphics called Intel HD Graphics. The laptop is a best deal as you will get a genuine Windows 10 Home OS. Piracy is a crime, a obtaining a genuine OS is worth it due to security and updates Windows provides to users.

Asus VivoBook X540UP-DM020T Intel Core i7


From our first two, gearing up for a laptop with a dedicated graphics card leads us to Asus VivoBook X540UP-DM020T which is also an Intel Core i7 powered laptop. We are surprised how afforadable such laptop with a dedicated graphics card is, which is priced at Php 36,499.00 only.

Operating System: Windows 10 Home
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-7500U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz)
Memory: 4GB DDR4
Storage: 1TB HDD
Display: 15.6″ (16:9) LED backlit Full HD (1920×1080)
Graphics: AMD Radeon™ R5 M420 2GB
Optical Drive: DVDRW

It has a graphics card from AMD. R5 M420 has a 2GB dedicated memory which has more fps during benchmark tests than the built-in integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 620). Still, the included graphics card is considered by many as entry level if not medium tier. Dedicated video graphics is better than having none, which makes this laptop obtain a native 1920×1080 or true HD display. Other laptops in the market are still at 1366x 768 resolution, which is lower. Investing in a laptop with the features mentioned are a good reason for buying at the sale price of Php 36,499.00 which can be bought from here with free delivery and a freebie bag.


As a final note, we say that this list will go on, but as the most affordable Core i7 laptops as of Q4 2017 are our main concern, we limit it to the above units. The specs also say more about the laptop, and we encourage buyers to find the deals that is cheapest which we presented on the links of our list.

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