Laptops are a good investment nowadays. Our daily task might be aided by computers like preparing our documents, editing photos, rendering a CAD file, up to programming. Laptops has advantage over desktop since they are portable thanks to slim design and battery power. For such applications, we see laptop as our indispensable tool. Most of us use a Windows computer, and we will take a look at the best value laptop from Intel. The platform Windows and Intel shared for most of computer users hardware is so called Win-Tel platform that has been around for decades. AMD was still a main competition to Intel’s desktop market, but AMD also made in-roads to the Intel processor laptop market. This Q4 2017, we see how various offerings from many laptop makers will try to capture our hearts by providing high end specifications. One of the important things to consider is the laptop’s processor. Intel Core i series is considered the flagship Intel processor product. It already have 7th generations of offerings, but since August, they unveiled their latest Core i series 8th generation processors. Our search for best value laptop will look at the best specs available in the market. Core i5 is a powerful processor, with more processor core than the i3 series considering the 7th generation or Kabylake processors. Core i5 has a cost advantage in the sense that it is 2nd from the list in terms of Intel bench-marking and feature set. However, best value laptops with Intel Core i5 on our search will focus on 7th generation Kabylake specs, as we find good value for 7th generation Intel Core i powered laptop versus a newer and costly Cofeelake or 8th gen powered laptops.


For our list, we start with the lowest price. The price are based from 10-16-2017 checking. Link for buying the laptops will be provided within the article. The list was an effort to make review for the cheapest laptops with Intel Core i5 7th gen processors as a means to save time from trying to compare specs. Since we already categorise the search per processor type, you might also find the Most Affordable Core I7 Laptops As Of Q4 2017 a good read.

Top Best Value Laptop Core i5 in Q4 2017

Dell Inspiron 3467 14″ Intel Core i5-7200U


A laptop from a leading laptop brand for business and office, Dell provides a best value laptop on one of it’s Inspiron laptops. The Dell Inspiron 3467 14″ Intel Core i5-7200U is powered with a 7200U Intel Core i5 processor with a dedicated graphics card for a good price of Php 29,299.00. This laptop has the said processor that is considered updated, a Kabylake 7th gen processor that has 3M Cache and up to 3.10 GHz of clock speed. It uses a memory technology considered one of the latest type as of today, a DDR4 module with 4Gb of RAM capacity. 4Gb is a standard now, as 2Gb is going to provide hiccup on system performance when opening multiple apps at the same time. For common office app, the 4Gb RAM may be enough. It has storage capacity of 500GB of harddisk. It will be fine, as long as there is moderation in downloading and storing videos or high res photos. It offers a 14.0″ (16:9) LED backlit HD display at 1366×768 resolution. For the final touch, a dedicated graphics card is set for the laptop to power up graphics intensive task such as HD movie playback, low to medium fps basic games, and basic rendering. All for the price of Php 29,299.00. Laptop has free laptop bag.

Acer Spin 3 15.6” Multi-touch Intel Core i5-7200U


The Acer Spin 3 has multitouch display that is huge at 15.6″. It runs on a descent and fast processor which is Core i5-7200U. This Kabylake processor powered laptop has a Win 10 operating system and is packed with mobile friendly features. Win 10 is designed to be more touch friendly, and as the laptop already has multitouch display, it will surely be a good user experience.

For a value price of Php 27,999.00, the user will have:

  • SCREEN: 15.6″ FHD Multi-Touch LCD Panel
  • RAM: 4GB DDR4
  • GRAPHICS: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620

The builtin integrated graphics is comparable to other dedicated video graphics, which is ideal for basic to medium fps games, for office productivity apps like MS Office and Peachtree. It should certainly play 1080p videos with multiple concurrent apps opened.

The said laptop can be enjoyed with Acer’s 360° convert hinge with noted durability and provides 4 modes of fold as seen on image above. All for a bargain-like price of Php 27,999.00.

HP Core i5 Laptop 15.6″15AY173DX

We are now on the last but definitely not the least on our top best value Intel Core i5 powered laptop this Q4 2017. We have the Hewlett-Packard brand on the table. HP Core i5 Laptop model 15AY173DX is a 15.6″ screen limited edition U.S version laptop with high end specs we will surely appreciate at an affordable price. Check the specs below:

  1. Processor: Intel Core i5-7200U 7th Generation Kabylake ( 2.50GHZ up to 3.10ghz )
  2. OS: Windows Genuine 10 64bit
  3. Memory: 8GB DDR4
  4. Hard Disk: 2Tb
  5. Graphics: Intel HD 520 (Memory 4gb )
  6. OD: DVD Writer
  7. USB 3.1
  8. USB 2.0
  9. DTS Studio Sound™
  10. Numeric keyboard
  11. WIFI
  12. HDMI (1)
  13. Card Reader (1)
  14. Camera: 720P HD
  15. Battery: Up to 8 hours
  16. Weight : 2.14 kg


The 8Gb RAM should be complementary to a decently fast processor Intel Core i5. In terms of the screen size, it has 15.6″ at 1366 by 768 pixels resolution. For a price bargain of Php 29,999.00, the laptop is a good buy. The genuine Win 10 Home included makes the deal more appealing. Who would want to buy a custom built desktop, if a license has to be bought at a high price. The laptop has specs above the first two, and the added price just translates to better specs depending on the heavy load you expect with the laptop. Also, take a look at a whooping 2TB capacity of hard disk. Perfect for a video and huge file library.


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