The hopes of obtaining a good life and prosperity is very common among the not yet rich individuals. We strive to work day jobs (and night or graveyard shifts too) to be near our goal of earning to save. We spend our time contemplating how to be financially independent. Not know to many, is that there are many opportunities in our community even at rural areas that we can utilise to earn big. One of those is our capability to harness our lands to sell products that can sell. 1 million pesos income from our farmland can be a challenge, even more challenging by setting the land area to a hectare to earn such income.


Many might think, having a hectare of land is considered having a good property. Some might think you are already rich if you have 1 hectare. True to say that having 1 hectare or more is a good asset, it does not necessarily translate to becoming financially independent in the sense of having a good income that can support everyday expenses and keep savings.


If you have a hectare of land, we have our hopes of maximising our earnings up to 1 million pesos. We see the potential of the land, to be able to produce goods from agriculture and animal husbandry. Focusing on the potential in growing high value crops, this idea of having a 1 million income from the 1 hectare land can materialise.


Among the high value crops promising this huge income that made it to the mainstream news are as follows:

  1. Coconut plantation
  2. Cucumber farming
  3. Sili Farming
  4. Sugarcane farm
  5. Calamansi plantation
  6. Mango farm
  7. Cacao farm

The fruits will sell and should cover for the production costs like planting material, irrigation, fertiliser, labor, etc.

By learning the best practice in the field, you will be able to maximize and gain profit from your venture in farming. Investing in agriculture should not be overlooked, since we cant work for others or become OFWs in a lifetime. By utilizing our earned land, together with research, knowledge, right marketing, and right timing, 1 million pesos per hectare income from farm land can be attained.

By techno

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