Goats are backyard farm animals that plays a big role in animal husbandry in the Philippines. Not only because goats are very easy to raise, their sociable and only eat grass. Contrary to piggery or chicken farms that depend on commercial feeds, goat farming is said to be less affected in cost increase of feed products. Goat Forage during rainy season however turns to be a problem. Philippine backyard raisers are mostly situated at rural areas. Some areas are slopping land, which makes goat farming effortless in terms on forage supply. Grass will continually grow even during the rainy season, since the high lands will not be disturbed by planting of rice in flat lands which is turned into rice paddies. It is not just because the goats have nowhere to go, but also has no food supply to eat.


Goat Forage during rainy season is solvable by utilizing Intensive feed garden. This technique involves cut and carry method, in which the goats are confined in roofed shelters to protect them heat and rains. Their forage are grown, and feed by carrying it inside the goat shelter. The accessibility of the feed garden to the shelter is needed, to reduce the distance the farmer has to transport the forage.


The advantage of Intensive Feed garden is as follows: it provides continuous and inexhaustible source of edible and nutrient rich fodder for the goats; has shown to increase the productivity of a given piece of land by mixing appropriate goat forage vegetation be it trees, shrubs or grasses; provides a sustainable agricultural system for semi-arid tropics, drought-stricken areas and other adverse surroundings; and reduced danger of parasitic infestation and plant toxicity due to noxious weeds.

The importance of diverse plant variety for the Intensive feed garden is the nutrient composition of the fodder. 

Crude protein, nitrogen and herbage values per year are shown below as reference.



Yield (DM/HA)

per year)

Nitrogen  (Kg/HA per year)

Crude protein (%)

Madre Cacao

5.5 – 15.0




7.4 – 24.0



Napier Grass

15.0 – 40.0



5.0 – 20.0


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