The importance of pig for pork meat is shown on our need for protein. Pork is produced from growing pigs on piggery, in the backyard, or not common now- from Wild boars.  Pure breed shows fast growth and heavier weight for the live weight. However, due to the increasing feed cost, we look for pig varieties that can make efficient breed to grow economically. Our demand for pigs are supplied locally by local backyard raisers and commercial farms.  Backyard farms are small farms, and some are already growing native pigs. Native pigs are important source of income to our pig raisers. These pigs provide food and manure as fertilizer. Native pigs are usually slaughtered locally, and often sold to neighbour clients and relatives. Native pigs shows promise as a business since the pigs are sturdy to local climate, temperature. and environment. They are notably resistant to various hog diseases. Native pig can survive on human kitchen leftovers like cooked rice leftovers, and vegetable peelings. They can also eat farm-grown feeds and by-products.

Raising native pigs for business for pork meat production is a practice in areas with access to native pig varieties.  Shown below is the summary and characteristics of different pig varieties in the Philippines:

Native Upgraded Pure Breed
Age (birth to marketable weight) 7 to 9 mo. 7 mo. 4.5 to 5.5 mo.
Carcass weight 40 kg. 50 kg. 60 to 70 kg.



Upgrading the local native pig means higher gain in weight, and shorter raising period. The upgrade strategy would hold the key to unlocking the mass production capability of native pigs. Hence, given the advantage of this tough and un-picky eater, huge potential is there since this pigs are known among health conscious to be an organic foods source.



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