The convenience of online services is enough to make traditional businesses harness and develop better costumer oriented approach for their services. Hotel booking is an example. Booking is one of the task hotel rely on to bring guests to the hotel, which includes reservation and payment. Some customers will make call to an in-house booking telephone system. This becomes outsourced to BPOs for other hotels, tto lower cost of operation. Now, the use of online services also lead to apps that speed up our transaction. The one we will mention is the Traveloka app. Traveloka is a hotel and airline booking assistant that helps book flights and hotels for the convenience of the user.

Disclaimer: this site is not promoting the use of Traveloka, but only gives information on the use of the said service for educational purpose only. We do not receive any for this content.


Traveloka can be visited on their official website. Traveloka is aspiring to upgrade Indonesian travel & tourism industry through technology. For the 3rd quarter of 2013, is the largest domestic flight search and booking site in Indonesia. Since we also see the availability of Traveloka in the Philippines, one can see the growth of their services across the South East Asia. On their official site, we see other country and language option for other countries as well like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Booking of flights can be done better with registered account. The services they provide includes Hotel booking, flight booking, and promos. Hotel booking is localized in the user’s currency and search is optimized for the country the site is opened, ex. will show Philippines specific hotel options.


The promos and vouchers are shown and sometimes sent to email of the user. It is 30% often for first time users. The use of the code is available depending on the stated Traveloka terms. Payment can be done by Paypal, Debit/ Credit card, and bank deposit. The availability of the voucher is a great bonus for using the service. The discount is applied to the amount of the original hotel fees (of course, is guided by the terms and conditions, if any). The app version also gives better access to searching facility.


Using Traveloka for occasional to frequent traveler can be a good choice, especially the discounts you may get from it. App link is on official google play store link.



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