SSS Contribution Table 2018

SSS or Social Security System contribution is a government mandated social insurance program based on the Republic Act No.1161 or the Social Security Act of 1954 (amended in 1997 to RA No. 8282 ) and with the year 2018 to continue serving the Filipino people.

The monthly contributions are based on the compensation of members which is being shown in the SSS Contribution Table 2018 below. As of this writing, the SSS contribution rate is 11 percent of the monthly salary credit for those not exceeding Php 16,000.00 monthly salary and  above. Based on the SSS contribution table updated January 2018, the said employer will share 7.37 percent of the monthly salary credit while the employee shall share 3.63%. Self-employed and voluntary members pay for the total SSS contribution table (such members would shoulder the employer share).

Downloadable high resolution table is provided with the link below.

SSS Contribution Table 2018

The simplified approach to finding the SSS contribution is via visual aids and tools to speed up processing of SSS contribution. SSS contribution table provides payable values for employer-employee share of SSS contribution based on a salary range.

Preview is shown below:


New SSS Contribution Table 2018

SSS Contribution Table 2017 landscape














For the downloadable SSS 2018 updated contribution table, you may opt for the following landscape, high resolution image here.

If you opt for a portrait model, download the SSS contribution table 2018 updated version in portrait view here.



From the success of the passage of TRAIN Act, or Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act, the expected take home money for low to medium income Filipino workers are expected to increase. It is now being voiced out by Social Security System (SSS) its plan to implement increased contribution rate for its members by April. The proposed increase in the SSS contribution is intended to improve the SSS fund viability. The increase for SSS member contributions is being eyed into 14 percent as compared to the current 11 percent SSS rate of the member’s monthly salary credit.

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