Since there are system provided by Philippine Social Security System or SSS, users from the Human Resources, Accounting or Administrative staff often found difficult times when they encounter issues. Programs are developed to speed up processing of to-be encoded data. Programs are sets of intructions computers follow to provide output. The output is typically a well defined file of employee information as in case of SSS. Provided here are sets of SSS LMS error and corresponding solution updated as of  2018. Providing latest update and fixes on error is best, to ensure the solution still works based on technological change of computers, the software (OS), and the program version being used for LMS.


The SSS LMS or Loan Management System is a software program provided by the Social Security System to aid in the processing of data entry for SSS Loans. The LMS File Generator v2.0 application program is designed specifically for Windows XP/2000/Millenium edition using the WIN32 API to allow GUI environment. Processing SSS loans and payment is important, which makes conducting loan management difficult if the user experiences errors within the program. The LMS downloadable can be found at here as LMS V2.0 File Generator.


LMS Errors and Fixes

I. Not a Valid Win32 Application error

Look for possible changes on the actual downloaded file. Example is the file extension was inadvertently removed. lmstd.exe is the file of the program, and .exe removed would lead to such errors. Restore the program to original filename as appropriate.

The file might also not completely downloaded. Re-download the file from the link given above.

II. Class not registered. MSSTDFMT.DLL error

Running the program after it was extracted to a directory, a user might be prompted with the error Class not registered. Class not registered error means the DLL or class library MSSTDFMT.dll is not yet registered to the computer. This occurs when the computer being used is never been running the LMS program, and it is a new computer running on 64bit processor/ operating system. To overcome this error, go to Start> Search For files and Programs > type “command”. Right click “Command Prompt” amd select “Run as Administrator”
Depending on the initial program zip extraction location, usually you may register the missing file by entering:


regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll


Hit enter key from the keyboard after and you will get the success or fail command message.

Close the LMS program if still opened from previous attempt, then re-open the LMS program.
Error should be fixed.


III. Invalid SSS Number Entered error and Invalid Loan date error

While entering data after successfully running the program, error message such as “Invalid SSS Number Entered” error and “Invalid Loan date” error might show. To resolve this errors, follow the stated Date and SSS number format. Date has format mmddyy and SSS number should not contain dash, but only entered as numbers. After completing each entry, hit the enter key from the keyboard.



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