Trending now on social media are photos of Facebook users dressed in Chinese traditional dress and attire. The posted photos makes the familiar face of a friend, family, a co-worker, etc. appear to have had a photoshot dressed in various costumes. One best and noticeable feature is the hair, which made them look like Chinese/ Japanese/Korean model. Such a feature entices other social media users to get hold and install the app on their phones. Now the aesthetic photo editing app becomes trending in the Philippines. The name of the apps is Pitu.



Shown above are Pitu search interest graphs of local online search. The Pitu app surely had a breakthrough for mobile users finding out the features of the said photo editor. What makes the Pitu app trending as a photo editor in the Philippines is answered by checking its feature that captures Filipino interests in this app.

From the Google Playstore, we see Pitu app details to indicate that it surged to 1st place of AppStore in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Now the Philippines starts to discover the app, and installs are going viral.

Current playstore installs at 10,000,000+ with 211,340 reviews already.

Essentially, the Pitu app has the following features:

  1. Beauty Cam – fun self-timer camera with aesthetic beauty filters specifically designed for the portrait, face slimming, enlarge eyes, real-time makeup. A variety of dynamic stickers, become the most lovely one in SNS instantly. Magic background, gesture trigger, 3D decoration.
  2. One click beautify – Simple and practical operation, cutting, rotating, special effects, spot blur, intelligent fill light, night enhancement, mosaic, star light mirror, instantly make your photos gorgeous.
  3. Beauty Makeup – One click beauty and makeup. Intelligent facial features including positioning, face slimming, foundation, lip gloss, blush, nose high light,eyebrow, hair and smile selection. A variety of optional makeup, Korean, Japanese, bare, and natural.
  4. Story Collage – includes vast sets fashion templates, built-in intelligent watermark, personality photo wall.
  5. Crazy ex-face – features a real-time face recognition, rich and varied role-changing, rocket-like update speed
  6. GIF Emoticon – new stickers, rand custom expression emoticon.
  7. PikaPika – nice creative stickers ex. pink ice, flower honey, holiday island. Has colourful filters and templates
  8. Cutout – Easy image matting, enabling creation of unique and funny photos due to interesting scene with 3D artistic effects
  9. Dynamic MV – Easy to use MV production tools.

As a feedback to the app, it makes the person changed of outfit. The Pitu app does this without obvious editing errors, thus providing a realistic photo. Most filters and templates are free, which is a plus.


There is a security concern raised by some users about the app device access and permissions. These access refers to the app requesting permission for phone contacts, microphone, location, bluetooth, and others. A solution is simple, and even a novice phone user can tweak. Covered on topic about pitu app security


To use the app and create instant chinese model or japanese model shots, simply go to Crazy ex-face. Crazy ex-face feature produces an output based on an image capture that will be applied as “face” in the app. Choose from choices of image template. You may select based on the preview from the screen. Usually for first time users, the necessary Crazy ex-face pack needs to be downloaded. It will be a quick download, and can be used within 1minute from selection. After the desired effect and photo is selected, save the photo by clicking the save button. It is very simple to use. Upload the photo and share your best photo-op to social media. Shown below is the app main menu where you can select Crazy ex-face.


Pitu App Home screen

Pitu App Philippines FB Group and Page

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