Update: Fortnite Android game is now available for all phones and Tables. Download from link provided to check out this steaming hot game we waited for.


Fornite Apk released by official developer- Epic Games initially started with the release this August 2018 only to Samsung . Now, the downloadable Fortnite for our mobile phone- the Android OS powering billions of phones and tablets now able to download the beta version of the hit game Fortnite. Download Fortnite beta app, the wait is over. Download and enjoy the game that was once only available at PS4 , iOS, and PC. Download the Fortnite app through the game’s website. But wait, check out the site, here.


A top chart game in PS4, Fortnite should give the excited Pinoy gamers in the Philippines some boost once one of the best mobile game titled Fortnite android beta app will be released and if an announcement will be made this month or hopefully the current year 2018 in the Philippines. Epic games has since July 25 of year 2017 provided a co-op sandboxed survival game at broad range consumer gaming platform like PC running Microsoft Windows , Sony PlayStation 4, MacOS and Xbox to gamers globally like in the Philippines.


Fortnite more commonly known as Fortnite: Save the World is maintained and developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly with Epic Games for publishing. The retail package of the game were published by Gearbox Publishing. In the online game distribution for PC versions, this is handled by Epic’s launcher.

The gameplay for Fortnite about the abrupt disappearance of storms globally leading to 98 percent drop of world population. Zombies attack the remaining human population in this set contemporary Earth. For the mobile version, it will be a 100-player Battle Royale with the aim of being the last man/ team remaining , defeating other players or team with the help of the arsenal of weapons and trap schematics.

With Epic Games formally made announcement of Android version titled  Fortnite Battle Royale, Pinoy gamers will truly need to endure waiting time before final release of a beta Fortnite Battle Royale or better a release major version. As what the official Fortnite website describes the new mobile game version, it will still have the same gameplay, same map, and its weekly updates. Playing Fortnite Battle Royale on the go is the main deal maker for gamers who also have their own mobile device handy whenever they feel they want to play. iOS version is already available.

As of this writing, the site let’s users to sign up via email for Android device compatibility with the Android based Fornite. Apple iPhone and tablet compatibility is well defined and stated on their page.

Mobile iOS and android players will be matched by default against mobile players only.  The player using mobile devices joins a squad with friends or players from another platform, then that squad is matched against a multiplatform squads of gamers.


A good warning to gamers that wants to play the Fortnite Battle Royale that there is no release yet for Android, and downloading APKs claiming to be a Fortnite Battle Royale may cause harm than good. Such fake APK are untrusted, and thus users are encourage to download only from Google play store.

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