There are lots of new hot apps for the Philippine mobile phone users. Pitu App is among the latest trending mobile phone app installed and being used by millennials to share Chinese attire cosplay-like photos to popular social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We review Pitu app, to find out what the app has to offer such as the features, ease of use, and quality of photos generated by the app. We will also review why the app has garnered a lot of attention from the Filipino youth, selfie lovers and photo op takers. We value securing our mobile phone data. We will then review the data security and device access permission when installing the Pitu app on our Android phone. As others have pointed out, there are settings in Pitu that is by default turned on. We address concern of Pitu app privacy settings by providing steps in blocking and securing our mobile phone for the Pitu app access, by following the App Permission control provided by Android. Users still can enjoy Pitu App, and by following through our steps, the rest of Pinoy Pitu users can secure their device while using this wonderful app.


Hot Trending Photo App in the Philippines

Trending now is Pitu Photo Editor hits Philippines like a wildfire. Some images seen on Facebook look peculiar and makes us curious what app was used for the photo edit. Compared to the usual snapchat app posted photos, the photos are unique in its own way. A mix of oriental and traditional attire, to modern image and facial capture via camera may sound familiar as a feature for apps already in mainstream top apps. When combined however, the photos are of high quality, and unlike other photo apps, Pitu certainly provides clean incorporation of users face to the template Korean/ Chinese or Japanese character and background.

Pitu Hot Trending Photo App in the Philippines

How to Install Pitu App

  1. Go to Google Playstore. Search for “Pitu” in the search bar. Alterntively, click here for the Pitu app link from Google Playstore.
  2. Click Install button to download and install the app.
  3. After the app is downloaded, open the Pitu App either from within the Playstore, or by going back to Homescreen> Apps then look for the Pitu icon
  4. Open Pitu

Pitu App Home screen

Pitu App Review

Pitu App Review

Pitu Cosplay

Pitu app features are being described here.

Now that you have installed Pitu app, we see permission lists of the app.

Block and Secure Phone Permission

Pitu app is like any other app that requires device access and permissions to work. It is a third party app created for users and is being maintained by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen, China) Company Ltd. With this in mind, some might think the app could create harm to users in terms of security. Claims where made online, arguing the app could expose users password, personal data, and accounts by installing the app. These suspicion often lead to users not installing the app, and as a result were unable to enjoy the free features this app has to offer. Permissions are core android access feature, which is a security mechanism built to show the device access an app use. Our mobile phones, simply is made of components like camera, microphone, speaker, bluetooth, and others parts. Setting access to these components ensure an app will not get rogue. Android OS provides a view in checking the app level access of these functionalities via the Android App Info, which can be found under Settings> Application Manager (or Apps- depending on phone model/brand/Android version). See screenshot below of a typical Pitu app info.

List of Pitu Access

Pitu App Setting Change

Some users/ experts/writers raise concerns on GPS access, recording of audio, reading phone status and identity being excessive for a photography app like Pitu. Although it might be true that these settings can be turned off, the app comes installed by default with these enable. Camera access is needed of course to capture your image for processing, but users is advised to turn off some features at their discretion if they like to block and secure phone permission for the Pitu app. Shown below is a detailed permission sets for Pitu app. Again, since the app is awesome as per our review of Pitu App feature, tweaking the access of Pitu on your device are clicks away from providing the user peace of mind in keeping the app in their phone.

Pitu Device access settings

View Pitu Access on Android


For purpose of removing the Pitu app permissions selectively, we provide steps from an Android 7.0 device. To remove permission for the Pitu app, follow the steps enumerated below:

  1. Close Pitu app and if currently openned
  2. From  your android device, go to Settings (looks like a gear icon)
  3. Go to Apps>All Apps
  4. Scroll down to the Pitu app, then find Permissions and click it
  5. Provided are lists of access below, with sliders to block a specific access
  6. Turn off the access for Location, Microphone, and Phone
  7. Changes will be in effect as you exit the window.

Block Pitu AccessBlocking Pitu App Phone Access


Now we successfully set the Pitu app to lowest possible phone access permission. With this, the app is limited to access legit android resources on your phone. This prevents unauthorised access in case the app really do what some experts say as surveillance and data breach. So in case running Pitu app or installing it scares you, just limit the phone access of the app. Pitu is now a trending app in Hongkong, Taiwan and China with more than 10,000,000 downloads already. Pitu app surely becomes a favorite app for photography we find free at Google Playstore.


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