The best globe surf promo review is now here, to provide the mobile data-driven social-media connected users of Globe Telecom. As covered by a news article, Philippines is world leader in social media usage as of Digital 2018 report. Filipino people really love internet connectivity for purpose of social media. according to top site ranking reports shows it lands at the 5th place most visited site in the Philippines. Facebook is a social media platform where people of various age, interest, location, social status, the rich, the poor, millenials and non-millenials enjoy. Facebook or simply Fb is an online social utility that connects people. It allows us to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and promote videos. Other top activities done online include visiting, which we know is a search engine for users to search the world wide web of information, including webpage, images, and videos. We need Globe surf promo for which is no. 2 top visited site in the Philippines. is a way to watch online videos online, upload, tag and share videos worldwide. Other use include visiting news websites for a daily dose of current affairs and public news like website of and Truly, we need internet. If we loose access to internet, we get disconnected to the digital entertainment that makes up our basic daily routines and even for our past-time. It was not until the year 2016 that through a untied nations resolution, which states that there is a right to Internet access and that access to connect online must not be impeded to foster exercise of freedom of expression. The right to broadband/ freedom to connect also known as right of internet access is the view that all people must be able to access the Internet in order to exercise and enjoy their rights to freedom of expression and opinion and other fundamental human rights, that states have a responsibility to ensure that Internet access is broadly available. The world affirms the need for internet and surf promos as provided by Telecommunication companies. This brings us to this article, that we write the best globe surf promo we found updated as of year 2018, and valid as of time of writing. Cost of mobile data is therefore a major factor to access to internet among mobile users. The legitimate ways of availing cheap internet access is provided below, as a means of mobile device and prepaid sim users to avail services such as surf promo and unli calls.


Best Globe Surf Promo

For a pure Globe surf promo subscription, we look at various promos of Globe that are providing fix data allocation for certain duration. The cost is considered, as price per 1Gb data per day. We ,list the promo and find it’s price. We then divide it with duration (day/s being used as a unit of duration). Our best Globe surf promo review is based on 1Gb promos.


GoSurf50 is a globe surf promo providing 1Gb data , 300Mb for a FREE app , Unlimited texts to all networks for a duration of 3 days. Current promo include a free 2Gb to GoWatch to enjoy more data to watch more videos and Play to play more games.

Surf Promo Gosurf50 Gowatch


Subscribe by sending Gosurf50 to 8080



Gotscombokea37 + Gosurfbe34


Gosurfbe34 provides 15 days validity for 20Mb mobile data. This is needed to extend Gotscombokea 1Gb data validity. As you can see below, Gotscombokea37 provides 1Gb data and unli-all net text messaging for a duration of 1 day. Without any Gosurfbe34 subscription, your 1Gb data will need to be consumed in 1 day to maximize it. Gosurfbe34  provides the other promo with a longer validity when both are registered, and provides a cost-effective promo. The good thing is, if the 1Gb from Gotscombokea37 is depleted before the 15 days expiration, the subscriber can resend the Gotscombokea37 to re-avail the 1Gb data again. Same can be done multiple times to avail higher data like 2Gb, 3Gb, 4Gb, or more. Before the end of 15days of Gosurfbe34 validity, the subscriber of Globe promo can resend Gosurfbe34 to re-avail the 15days validity. This roll-over the remaining data to antoher 15day validity.


Subscribe by sending Gosurfbe34 to 8080. After getting confirmation, proceed to sending Gotscombokea37 to 8080.


Cost Analysis for Best Globe Surf Promo

For 1 month, a user wanting a continuous internet availability will spend the following amount computed below:



30days (month) divide by 3 days promo validity= 10 times of Gosurf50 subscription

Php 50.00 per Gosurf subscription


Php 50.00 X 10 times = Php 500.00 for 1 month Gosurf50 budget

Total: Php 500.00



Gotscombokea37 + Gosurfbe34


30days (month) divide by 15 days promo validity= 2 times of Gosurfbe34 subscription

Php 34.00 per Gosurfbe34 subscription

Php 37.00 per Gotscombokea37 subscription

Need mobile data per week = 1Gb for moderate usage


Php 34.00 X 2 times = Php 68.00 for 1 month Gosurfbe34 budget

Php 37.00 x 4 times = Php 148.00 for 1 month Gotscombokea37 budget

Total: Php 68.00 + Php 148.00 = Php 216.00



As what can be easily seen on this computation, if focusing on internet usage alone and not to consider SMS/ call offer, it is best to consider Gotscombokea37 + Gosurfbe34 as a monthly best and cheapest Globe surf promo.


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Globe Unli Call Promo

We tried finding the best call only promo for Globe, since calls are always a necessity for mobile communication. SMS messaging may still be used as a form of mobile communication but users tend to become less dependent on it. Being able to connect to internet alone can provide instant messaging- even on paid or even free internet connection like the free Fb messenger, and Viber. Calls remain irreplaceable for mobile communication due to costly and unstable voice over internet or VOIP or other internet based calling service. The combination of promo below provides best call time allowance and is comparable to availing an unli-promo. This promos are verified to be working as of this writing. Having unli call is not the budget type promo, but embracing the available Globe promo with cheaper rate and plenty of call time is better than paying expensive unli plan.

Use GOCOMBOGHAA24 for 1000 All-net texts and 500 minutes Globe/TM call which cost Php 24.00. Send to 8080
Use GOCOMBOAKCOF139 for Php139.00. Send to 8080

Provided below are applicable optional add-ons:
a. Send GOCTCOMBOGKA14 to 8080 for add-on 500 call minutes. Cost is Php 14.00
b. Send GOTSCOMBOHAA17 to 8080 for add-on 1000 All-net texts. Cost is Php 17.00
c. Re-send GOCOMBOGHAA24 to 8080 for another 1000 All-net texts and 500 minutes Globe and TM calls. Cost is Php 24.00

Total cost for  Globe abundant minutes of calls (close to being unli) is Php 163.00. It provides a 1020 All-net sms texts and 510 min Globe/TM call valid for 30 days.

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