There is money in agriculture. Intergration of technology to the science that support us in our daily food source now shows promise of new income stream. Farmon clearly shows technology has no boundary in providing convenience and possibilities to our lives. is an agriculture platform created to help farmers source funds for the planting of agricultural crops. The crops are grown on the farmer’s land, and through Farmon, investors in the Philippines can enjoy the high ROI or return on investment and short duration of investment time. The best of both worlds, the ROI measures the profitability of an investment in terms of the percentage of earning versus the initial capital given while the duration measures the amount of time of investors need to wait to get the fruits of the investment. It literaly translates to the word “fruit” of investment, since Farmon profits comes from the profit of crop sales. The farmers are being helped in a big way, since sourcing of funds for every farming season is hard. Banks would be strict in lending farmers, since farmers need a proof of creditworthiness, which might be shown only from the collateral they can show: example is their farmland title. Some banks might provide short term loans, but the farmer can easily be preyed by loan sharks and 5-6 lenders which impose huge interest rates. A farmer can be enticed to avail such easy loans, in order to start with the farming season. A farmer would typically wait 4 to 8months before the actual crops get harvested, which signifies the best period of the planting season- the harvesting period. Only then can a farmer be able to pay the creditors and keep some income for their expenses until the start of another farming season. Farmon ph excels in providing a platform to help farmers, and also helping investors access high ROI financial investment in a short duration of time.

A Farmon investor is called a Farmoner. To become a Farmoner, an interested investor need to go to the online platform of Farmon. The website is Be wary that since money is involved, the website to officially transact to Farmon is only through At this digital age, the use of online portal is convenient and accessible anywhere, anytime. The website provides the links and functionalites to open a farmon account, to select and monitor crop cycles, and to process and set number of plots to avail. Farmon offers many agricultural crops and livestock to choose from. Return on investment or ROI also differs per crop or livestock. The list of available list of farmon investment options can be seen on the website, and is available for investors of any legal age, educational attainment, gender, or status. A willing investor with interests in investing can grasp the farmon investment concepts quickly. The farmon frequently-asked questions page or FAQ can be found on this link if you have questions already, which would surely pop-up when you read further this article on farmon high ROI and short duration investment guide.


In farmon, like any other farming practice, has a defined planting cycle. Planting cycle is due to time a vegetable, fruit tree or livestock can produce fruit or livestock products. Farmon agricultural crop and livestock can be planted or grown from a start period, and sold later. This leads to a crop growing period ranging from 3 months to 8 months, while others may take 11 months.

When a cycle is open, you may start investing by selecting the crops or livestock to grow. Registration can be done by a user with an email address. The email address acts as your communication link to farmon message center, which is the farmon website section for addressing ticketing of user inquiries, concerns and contract follow-ups. When you register to farmon, the email is used to notify a farmoner about a pending farmon message centre confirmation of transactions, or new inbox item on a farmoner’s message centre inbox.

To join farmon, and start earning high ROI and short duration investment, click the “Join now” button and fill up the registration form. Once registered, you can choose from the available farms and products to fund. Funding must be done, since this is an investment, and the farmoner would send fund to farmon account as shown in their contract when a crop is selected. The website provides the announcement of every Product cycle.


How to join Farmon

Step 1: Register to Farmon

Fill up the details such as your email, desired password, full name, mobile number, home address, office address then click the Register button.To view list of farms, click “View farms”. In order to avoid issues later, it is advisable to enter valid and correct information when you register. Registration is free.

Step 2: Choose Farmon Product

When you successfully register an account in farmon, funding a farm is done by choosing a product. To view list of farms, go to “Our Farms”. Most farms are located in Cagayan and Isabela. No farms are located in Visayas or Mindanao yet.

By clicking “Our Farms”, you will be able to check the list of open farms, meaning the farms have available products for investment. Some products may be unavailable due to fully funded status. Other farms may not open for the current cycle also. Refer to the image below of an open farm.


Step 3: Start Funding a Product(s)

Start funding a desired farm by choosing the product. When from the home page, just navigate to “Our Farms” then choose the available farm to fund. After locating the preferred farm, you may already select from the list of product of the farmon farm. Type in the product plots quantity based on your fund or investment allocation. The total computation will show at the bottom of the form which is helpful to estimate if you have enough plots for the investment. When finalised, click “Add to Basket” button. It is important to only click submit order when the farmoner no longer wants to modify order for the current open cycle. Modifying means adding or removing a product from the farmoner product cycle request. You can add or remove products in your basket as long as it is not placed. Otherwise, a farmoner will encounter the error “Sorry, you cannot add more product(s) for this cycle. Your product request for the XXth cycle was placed already” will pop up if they already submitted and confirmed final product order.


There is an optional notarized contract option, which only cost Php 250.00 which can be added-on to the product ordered. Notarized contracts are has highest admissibility in courts in Philippine courts. Alternatively, if a farmoner did not opt for notarized contract, they will get a contract that requires farmoner signature.

Step 4: Receive and Sign Contract

Through the Message Center, a farmoner will receive a contract usually within 3-7 working days. Once ready a farmoner is usually emailed to check the message centre of their farmon account. Due to volume of product requests, a farmoner may expect some delays in contract preparation. Since farmon is really getting a round in investment forums and television program features, and also due to steady high ROI and short duration of product cycle investments, some delays are natural result due to number of contracts being sent by the Santiago City- Isabela based community corporation.

Important reminder, never proceed to payment when the contract is not yet received. Payment information such as bank account number and name will be stated in the contract, which is important in money transfers via bank. Rarely, but may happen, that the farmon bank account may change from last cycle’s payment details. Ensure the contract is received first before proceeding with the payment.

Step 5: Send Signed Contract and Pay

Print the contact, then sign with farmoner signature. Scan and send soft copy as jpg or png not exceeding 5MB to the message centre ticket where the contact was originally attached. Send the signed contract and the payment can be processed by the farmoner. The payment details are stated in the contract. If there are questions, you may message farmon ph via message centre. Conveniently, the bank used for payments with farmon ph has online banking facility. The online payment is usually limited to 20 thousand pesos per day. Hence, it is advisable to register or enrol the farmon bank account to your online banking money transfer to have a single online transfer transaction when paying online. The proof of payment can be a scanned copy or a clear photo of the payment form of the bank or the bank transfer confimed message from online banking.

Only one contract or notarized contract is given per cycle. Various products from various farms will appear in one contract with farmon ph. Farmon ph will be confirming the payment within 5-7 working days with the ticket about the contract. In case no confirmation was made by farmon within 7 business days immediately contact or call farmon to clarify. Sometimes, there are huge voulme of contracts and payment being processed which is understandable, given may are already aware of the benefits of Farmon Philippines ROI and quick turnover of profit.

Step 6: Product Harvest

Products will be reflected and shown in the “User Home” after payment usually when the product cycle is about to start, hence no order can be added. The start of the real farming happens and in few months, farmon will be able to sell crops and the farmoner will get roi or return on invesment for their products. Harvesting and profit distribution is based on First In- First Out queue.The tagging of farmoner products is systematically done, to ensure first payers and get priority over late registrants. Of course, the duration of the farmon product dictates when a product will yield and get sold. Market price will also play role in the ROI or return on investment of a particular famron product. Sometimes, a crop may yield higher than last year or last cycle. Sometimes, it may be lower. Product History in the Farmon Philippines site will show profit and sales amount.

Farmon helps Filipino farmers, and we as farmoners can help them too. As we sign up with farmon for the product requests, we have a profit share of 50 percent, and another 50 profit split for the farm owner. Since farming is a hard work, investing in farming helps farmers source for funds through the online platform of We also enjoy a high ROI and shortened investment wait time as compared to banks that offer .10 to 1 percent quarterly interests. Crops are protected in case of weather and environmental factors, with losses not shouldered by investors, but by farmon. In such case, replanting cost will be guaranteed and shouldered by farmon to provide peace of mind to farmoners.

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