There are moments we need out Pag-ibig number. Checking online to get Pag-ibig number is faster than going through the manual steps of going to a Pag-ibig office. Commuting is hard, and requires time. We might even file leave or be on half day to transact to a government owned and controlled coporations (GOCCs) like Pag-ibig Fund due to traffic and long queues. The convenience of knowing how to get your Pag-ibig number online is important step to a faster Pag-ibig transactions that require Pag-ibig number. Pag-big number is not just asked or needed in Pag-ibig transactions. For new hired employees, they need to provide a Pag-Ibig number as part of the hiring process or new hire needed information for a company HR staff to file appropriate contributions to Pag-Ibig account of the employee as mandated by Republic Act No. 9679 or otherwise known as Home Development Mutual Fund Law of 2009. Pag-Ibig number online is provided by Pag-Ibig Online registration.

Home Development Mutual Fund is the old name of Pag-Ibig Fund. There are benefits of becoming a Pag-Ibig member, such as in case you would like to buy house. If you like a house, and it’s location, funding the purchase will equal an entire life-savings or to some- might not even be able to afford it due to little savings. Pag-Ibig helps FIlipino members that can’t afford the full amount of a house. Good things is you can avail a member loan from the Pag-IBIG Fund, which essentially is the purpose of the fund  being specifically stated in the law as a government’s policy to establish, develop, promote, and integrate a nationwide sound and viable tax-exempt mutual provident savings system suitable to the needs of the employed and other earning groups, and to motivate them to better plan and provide for their housing needs. Some may not need a Pag-Ibig home loan if they have plenty of personal fund to buy a house, or are afraid to commit to long term amortization and interests payment. As an investment, living on year own house is a norm in adulthood and family life. We seek to be self-sufficient, independent and be able to support our families. Think of it as a national state-run mutual fund. Pag-Ibig fund is not just for housing as it also cater services such as loans for education and livelihood, financial assistance programs during calamities and medical emergencies, and good dividend-paying savings programs. For the comprehensive Pag-Ibig Mp2 review, saving money for the future is maximized than in time deposits as the Pag-Ibig fund MP2 is providing an awesome Pag-Ibig MP2 dividend rate for 2017 showing figures above any best time deposit interest rate.


As compared to SSS and PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig contributions are not based on your salary income. The upper limit of monthly contribution is only P100. What you paid for the Pag-Ibig contribution will undergo membership maturity. It means the remitted monthly contribution amounting to at least 240 monthly membership contributions are guaranteed to be refunded. The member’s total accumulated savings or TAV, is equal to the total member’s accumulated monthly contributions, employer contribution shares, and dividend earnings will be credited to the member’s account upon maturity and other qualifying grounds.

Now that the benefits and reasons why you need to create your Pag-Ibig account, and get Pag-Ibig number for mandatory contributions, you may start checking on the steps below on how to get Pag-Ibig number online. The long-term benefits is a big help in our current or nearing adulthood and this also shows how online services by government offices are meant to make Pag-Ibig number online fast and easy.

How to get Pag-ibig Number Online

  1. Go to Pag-Ibig official HDMF Online Membership registration. The Pag-Ibig registration system serves new members of the Pag-Ibig fund who wants to submit their membership application information to Pag-Ibig online and to get a Pag-Ibig number. You will get the Pag-Ibig number after filling-up all the needed information if you are a new Pag-Ibig member. The printable membership form will be displayed, and it should be printed for hard-copy of the Pag-Ibig member.

Get Pag-ibig Number Online – Current Member


Getting hold of the Pag-Ibig number for current member will require verification to ensure member information are not being provided to unauthorised persons, that may take advantage of the member information. To ensure data privacy, email the official Pag-Ibig public affairs email in charge of Pag-Ibig member information inquires. Pag-Ibig public affairs email is
The requires information is as follows:

  1. First name, Middle name, Last name, and prefix if any (Jr., Sr., III)
  2. Birth date.

Official response will be from the same email address. Wait for Pag-Ibig public affairs reply. The requested Pag-Ibig number will be provided.

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