Many would agree our work during weekdays must also come to halt, as we await our rest day breaks during the weekends. However, we may feel we want to be productive. Our weekend consist of Saturday and Sunday and sometimes can become a long weekend if there is a holiday. How to make extra money on the weekends comes to our minds. Sometimes it is due to the need for extra money to pay for extra expenses, or when we intend to buy stuff that we can not take from our weekly budget. Most of us will agree that knowing how to make extra money is a great idea. We found out 18 tips for extra money generation on our weekends. Bear with me as we present the 18 extra money ideas for your weekend we can do to make our weekend productive.


We took the liberty to brainstorm and check for extra income opportunities we can do during a weekend. There are numerous ways of jobs and sidelines we can do on a weekend to complement our day job income during the weekdays. Most Filipinos relly on a single source of income, due to our focus on providing quality job for our day job during weekdays. Others may feel the extra income is not commensurate to the weekday rest, and the idea of extra effort to find a way on how to make extra money on the weekends. We are not open to the idea of a second job we can do during weekends to earn extra income. Creativity is the key to an increased monthly or weekly income. If we think of it, the extra income we may earn during a weekend is a good things, since we will be able to save more, and spend after saving. The extra addition to our cashflow can be used to fund our plans to get leisure and vacation. We may use the money we earn from weekend gig to invest. There are many advantage of doing a weekend sideline. It relieves us the feeling of being unproductive during a weekend. Our skills can be used to make the most of any spare time we have. We may use our skills for something better, and maybe you improve those skills that it opens new possibilities for a bigger income stream. For example, you might be good at time management and communication. You could take a sideline on your restday, and help clients online by being a virtual assistant by simply managing client emails and inbox messages. Eighteen extra money tips and ideas for your weekend are given below. You may think of other ways, since your imagination is the limit. With these ideas, you will have a more productive weekend, and earn income in the process.


18 Ideas on How to Make Extra Money on the Weekends

  1. Become a Weekend Tutor

If we are effective teachers, we can leverage our skills and knowledge to tutor students during weekends. Most parents are willing to pay extra for tutors instead of forcing to teach complex and difficult subjects to their kids. With your tutor service, you may offer to teach a friend’s kids for an hourly rate.

  1. Volunteer for Paid Restday-Overtime

Our boss or manager might need to assign tasks that we can do during a weekend since regular work hours might not be possible to do such tasks. Only possible day of doing the job can be done only over the weekend. We may accept the extra paid day on doing work during rest day, like taking inventory, maintenance of office equipment or computers, hardware upgrade or installation, or possibly cleaning the office areas. Sometimes down-times are being avoided during week days, and could only be done on a Saturday or Sunday, then you can earn an extra pay from a rest-day overyime pay. Restday overtime or RDOT pay in the Philippine labor laws states the computation should be: 130% of the regular day pay.

  1. Babysit Kids or Young adults

Your neighbour might need to attend to a special matter and will need to leave their kids at home. It can be a perfect opportunity being a neighbour at being at home to accept babysitting service. Its an extra cash indeed we may earn per hour of babysitting. We also enjoy being at home or at the home of the kid we are baby sitting.


  1. Start a Bookkeeping Gig

Being an accountant, balancing workbooks is easy. Some business owners are having difficulty with bookkeeping, hence they seek to outsource their bookkeeping work to someone else. Offer your skills and earn, by keep books balanced and organised for tax season.

  1. Yard Sale or Online Selling of Unused Stuffs

There are home items that just accumulates dust and left unused over time in our house. We do it, we buy things, but sometimes we just do not use it for the intended manner. Then we discovered such items on our weekend. The idea of selling old and unused items online or via yard sale can be an answer on how to earn extra money on our weekend. You may not know, but many actually buys yard sale items or reuse the items sold online. Your old items can still become a treasure to other people.

  1. Cleaning Service

When we still have enough energy to offer cleaning service to friends, relatives, or neighbour, we can certainly consider it as a weekend income when we are paid to do cleaning such as tidying up house cables, cleaning rooms, throwing away and disposing ageing and unused things, vacuuming carpets, etc.

  1. Do Landscaping Job

If you are artistic in doing landscaping works, then you can use your time to help neighbors or other residents in the barangay to enhance their yard by doing landscaping services.

  1. Becoming a Weekend Caretaker

Some people can’t leave their house unguarded, for their worry of burglary and “akyat-bahay”. Being sway for an extended period of time, a home-owner may need your help and service, hence you may become a weekend caretaker to look out for house security, care of home mail retrieval, watering plants, watching over of electrical for fire hazard, and cleaning the front and backyard.

  1. Cellphone and Computer Repair

A working knowledge in fixing computers and cellphone can be a lucrative sideline, since most people own a cellphone or has a computer. Desktop and laptop repairs can become a sideline of an IT staff, while cellphone and electronics repair is an ideal gig for an Electronics Engineer.

  1. Direct Sales Product Agent and Seller

Direct sales personnel are able to earn extra for selling products like Avon, Natasha, etc. Being a consultant Direct sales agent and seller can be a stable income source during weekends, if your expertise is sales and customer service.

  1. Be a Data Encoder

Home transcription services like medical transcription jobs offers good amount of income. At our weekend time, we may receive task on data entry and encoding at home. Just make sure the company you sign up with is legit. Check with the Better Business Bureau first or look for company complaints online that warn of scams.

  1. Creative Writing Service

Some online freelancing sites and even local companies are willing to pay for fresh content on their hosted blogs. If you are good in creative writing, it will become a way to earn extra during weekends.

  1. Offer Photography Service

DSLR cameras are not cheap to purchase, and putting it in good use by delivering a picture perfect images will get you the extra income for your weekend. There are a lot of event you may apply your photography knowledge, such as during weddings, baptismal or birthdays. Having served clients to their satisfaction can easily make your services result to numerous recommendations and good reviews. Competition can be tough, so be sure to rate your services that delivers quality and value to customers.

  1. Car Wash and Interior Cleaning Service

Car washing are not exclusive to big car wash business. With some business permit and barangay permit, you may serve clients for their car wash needs and interior cleaning. Make use of your personal vacuum and cleaning supplies, and spread the word to your neighbours on your service offering.

  1. Catering Food

Since the events and social gathering happen during the weekends, some food catering providers are not able to meet the demand. If our are good in management and love for food and cooking, then you may cater food to events and earn at this day of the week with your associates.

  1. Be an Event Singer

Be an event singer by showing your vocal capability and musical skills. Playing instruments and it’s mastery can be monetized by booking gigs at hotels, events, or bars that give pay per hour to singers, and instrument players. if you really show mastery and talent, you may be invited at concerts, and malls to play or sing.

  1. Model for Hire

Yes, I’m in. No joke, earning money on weekend can be possible if given a modelling job to be photograph model, a paint workshop model, a clothing line model, or any modelling related sideline. Your good looks and uniqueness can be your pass in selection of models- giving you income for hours of modelling.

  1. Blog for your Own Site

You are a creative writer, then you are not limited to writing for others. You can write your own blog article posts and monetise using many ads companies and affiliate marketers. Be good in grammar and content writing, and you will make your weekend productive. Filipinos are proficient English speakers and also avid blog readers. Start blogging and earn dollars.

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