Want to learn how others make extra money? We’ll, it can be difficult to answer, since there are many ways to make money. Perhaps investing comes into your mind, we have here investment options for your Mid-year or Christmas bonus, or with your savings. We can say that earning money from salary and pay check is a norm. We get paid every 15th and 30th of every month, to some it can be weekly. Others get their salary monthly, while contractors or the like gets the salary when the project is completed. We need income to financially support our own and our family. Looking for other sources of income can be done by asking our workmates, our friends, or our neighbour. But how they really make money may depend on our abilities and timing. Success can be a product of effort, experience, learning skills, sales, and commitment to be an innovator in the competitive market. Others find extra income or even a living from selling products such as goods and merchandise. Even the employed individual will want higher take home money. Salary is now improved, partly because of the Government’s TRAIN law. TRAIN law just made the salary of minimum to medium range salary employees to be tax free, or in case higher than 250,000 pesos yearly gross income- they will just get a fraction of the original tax years back when there is no TRAIN law or tax reform law in the Philippines. We can’t stop from there, as we aspire to be financially independent and stable. We need to make extra-income for better schooling of our children. We might need a home loan, so we need to have a good income stream to pay for it. Our insurance also need to be paid, as it is a primary protection from financial instability due to inadvertent situations such as sickness. I will share the experience of a blogger, that have a first hand experience in being a blogger, and how the income of blogging made me closer to my financial goal.

It is no doubt that Filipinos love to read blogs. Blogs are reliable sources of information we never heed why they are around in the first place. To tell, most of the readers need diverse, free, and quality information. Websites are around for 2 decades, and our dependence on online services such as blogs and other creative writing is strong. We expect to use blogs and creative writing to get latest news, tips, tutorials, how to guides, reviews, and trends or updates. Based on an infographic, there are estimated 152 million blogs in year 2013. Well the number is big. 152 millions blogs are there to cater for our various needs, such as information on business, lifestyle, and technology. If you are interested in writing and publishing your ideas online, then we can explore blogging as a hobby, and even monitize it. Blogging is one of the top listed money making options in the Philippines. Blogging as a hobby is very easy, since love for writing will make blogging a great time to spend. Being a hobby, the goal is long term and money is just a product of a good hobby. Blogging is long-term because wriitng engaging, quality and accurate articles will consume time. Each article can be composed for few hours to days and even weeks, depending on how fast bloggers deliver. If it sounds like a chore, and language is not your forte, then blogging can be challenging.


How much do Bloggers Make?

I am personally writing the blog post of for a year. Most bloggers won’t make it past the 1 year mark of their blogging, and often end their blogging short. Again, blogging is not an easy feat. It involves passion and skills to share information. We share our experience, our ideas, and our tips in making the readers empowered in their own way. We can provide many of this valuable information, that can save the readers time and money like the case of Review blogs. The money just become a product of successful blogging. Passion and endurance are key ingredients in profiting from your blog. Starting now of course is better than starting late. There is great promise in blogging, but only when the right pieces fall in place (tip: SEO) can you reach a traffic ideal to start earning from blogging.

Blogging can be a passive income source. There are lists of great passive income ideas, and blogging is one of them. So how much do bloggers earn or make? With all the ingredients of successful blogging explained, we provide the blogging income for

So far, I Earned as much as USD300

Not an exact figure, since you might expect a value like USD319.45 or USD 297.98. TOS or Terms of Service of Adsense is not permissive in showing or disclosing actual figure, but its close to USD300. You might be intrigued why it is in US dollars. Yes, it is in United States of America Dollars. Why, because I have my blog displaying ads from Adsense, the biggest online advertisement platform of Google.That is where pinoy bloggers get their income (except if they opt for Adsense alternatives). I got it transferred to me from Google Adsense in the US via Western Union. Well, I just observed that it is indeed a profitable business by opening your own Western Union Franchise and be an agent in the Philippines.

So what did I do to USD300?

What I did with my blog earning is this. I did not spent it on material things and wants yet. “Yet”, because I intend to perhaps use it for other purpose such as availing an insurance or replace my aging laptop. Since it is in American dollars, I need to do money changing to convert it to local currency: Philippine pesos. I could have cashed all the USD into pesos from Western Union, but I opt for other money changers. I choose for the best Dollar Foreign Exchange- Czarina And Sanry Manila money changer which is just a walking distance away from the Makati office I work at. Check why it is my preferred money changer, and see the good rate they offer.


USD300 is the first income I received from blogging It helped in a way to relieve my office stress after a day of work. It is also a way to share my views and tips in improving financial life of my family, and even my readers that find their needed information from researched posts and articles of

The main hardship and difficulty for most authors is that their blogs do not gain much traffic. They become frustrated why their works are not being read by their fellowmen.  This is the reason why bloggers come and go all the time. There is no guarantee to success, but to equip yourself of new knowledge and learn skills. With blogging, I was able to earn USD300, and this is just the start.


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