MDR form is being issued by Philippine Heath Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth to its members. MDR means Member Data record. The MDR form of PhilHealth contains member information, and the employer/ organized group information. It also contains the dependent information. For the member information of the MDR form, it shows the PhilHealth Identification number or the PIN. It is a unique number assigned to every PhilHealth member. It is also the number that appears in the PhilHealth ID card. Other information under Member information are: Member category, the sub-category (whether informal sector, migrant worker, etc. / informal economy or not), NHTS coverage, and effectivity period. Philhealth online MDR Form printing is easy. No one need to hurry and go to PhilHealth, as the convenience provided by their online system speeds things up, and we will show how to get Philhealth Online MDR form step-by-step.

THe PhilHealth MDR also shows the full name of the member, the complete address, foreign address, contact number, gender, Date of birth, Place of birth, civil status (if married, or single, etc.) and the Tax Identification number or TIN. Under the employer information field of the MDR form, the PhilHealth employer number is stated, the name of the employer, business address, and the telephone number.


The PhilHealth MDR is a primary requirement for PhilHealth member claims and for the processing of hospitalization benefits. Hospitals and medical institutions need the MDR form from philHealth as a proof of membership aside from the PhilHealth ID card (see how to get PhilHealth ID).

The PhilHealth online portal serves a great purpose. It gives quick and easy way to get access to your PhilHealth membership data record or MDR. Just go to the PhilHealth portal at and access the PhilHealth services. PhilHealth services online include Electronic Registration, Electronic group enrolment system, and member inquiry.Before, one must fall in line to a PhilHealth office or branch. Now, at the comfort of our homes via our mobile devices, we can check our PhilHealth MDR and even print it using a computer and home printer.

Step-by-Step Guide for Philhealth Online MDR Form



  1. Go to
  2. Click Membership Inquiry Login to try to Login to the the system. If you are not yet registered, go back to the Services page, and clicm Electronic registration button. If you already have a PIN of PhilHealth number, proceed with the login.Philhealth-Online-MDR-Register
  3. If you do not have a password, then it means you are not yet registered to the online MDR checking facility. You need to click register and submit all the information from the page such as: your PhilHealth Identification Number, Last Name, First Name, Mobile No., Sex, Date of Birth, Email Address, and answers to 3 security questions. Security questions adds up security when logging in to the PhilHealth membership inquiry page.Philhealth-Online-MDR-Register-2
  4. Login once you have the password set for your PhilHealth online membership inquiry
  5. The PhilHealth static information of the member is shown in the screen. There is a small printer button or icon on the right side buttom part of the static info. Click this and a new tab will open.
  6. Your printable MDR form is ready for printing, thanks to the online PhilHealth system. Downlaod as PDF for future reference, or print it to a connected printer.

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