The Department of Foreign Affairs issues Red Ribbon for authenticated documents as a certificate or proof of authenticity for the following list of Documents: Birth Certificate, Marriage Contract, Certification of Graduation, Secondary/Elementary Diploma and Form 137-A,
Certification of Graduation, Diploma on Technical and Skills Development Courses, Transcript of Records, CENOMAR (certificate of non marriage), Marriage Contract- Local Civil Registry copy (for not readable, BC, MC, DC), Certification of Non-Marriage Record (from NSO/PSA – Valid only for six months upon issue of document), Certificate of Conversion to Islam, Certificate of Muslim Tribal Affiliation, Certificate of Enrolment or Grades report, Certification of Graduation, Barangay Clearances, Voter’s ID, Police Clearance, NBI Clearance, Professional License, Community Tax Certificate or commonly known as Cedula, Barangay Certification/Mayor’s Certification, Driver’s License, Report of Rating, Certificate of Registration, Certification of Good Standing, Travel Clearance of a Filipino Minor without Accompanying Parents, Alien Certificate of Registration – Immigrant/Native-Born Residence Certificate, College Diploma and Transcript of Records (Collegiate Level), College Diploma and Transcript of Records (For State Colleges and University) (Use 1 & 3 CAV signed by the University Registrar), Certificate of Enrolment or Grade report, Medical Certificate, Certificate of Muslim Tribal Affiliation, and Death certificate. Red ribbon seal of DFA is given, upon the submission of needed requirements. For more information, refer to DFA web site. For now, we proceed with red ribbon authentication application details.

List of Red ribbon DFA Requirements

  1. Certified True Copy of the Document mentioned above for the Red Ribbon seal
  2. At least two Valid IDs
  3. If you are unable personally appear and file for the DFA red ribbon seal, additional requirements will be brought by your authorised representative like the Special Power of Attorney and a photocopy of the applicant’s Valid ID containing a specimen signature. The authorised rep also need to present their own Valid ID containing a specimen signature and it’s photocopy.

List of Red ribbon DFA Requirements

Applicants must file the requirements personally. Claim the Red ribbon DFA sealed document also need to be claimed personally. Otherwise, the authorised representative should bring the above mentioned additional documents.

  1. Completely and neatly fill up the Red Ribbon application form. Only up to 5 documents per application form is allowed.
  2. Present the valid ID when providing the documents to the transaction booth.
  3. Pay at Cashier the Authentication fee and select the amount according to the desired number of processing days of the Red Ribbon DFA seal:  Php100 per document when 4 days processing and Php200 per document if 1 day processing)
  4. Do not forget the official receipt. Get the authenticated documents on the scheduled return date.


Red ribbon document issued by DFA is used to “consularize” a locally valid document for whatever purpose it may serve. The document being consularized is attached with a Red ribbon. International law defines the red ribbon as a means of authenticating a document by a consul. That is why DFA is the department in charge of red ribbon authentication in the Philippines.

There are many reasons to get a DFA authenticated and consularized document. It is often done by overseas employees life OFWs. International trade shipping, travel documents, letters of credit, and powers of attorney are often need red ribbon seal due to its need abroad. Other purpose just involve claiming of document authenticity.

Where to submit documents for Red Ribbon

The list below show the DFA Consular Offices to submit documents for authentication and consularization available during Monday to Saturday:

  1. DFA Aseana
  2. DFA NCR-Northeast inside Ali Mall
  3. DFA NCR-West inside SM Manila
  4. DFA NCR-East inside SM Megamall
  5. DFA NCR-South inside Metro Gaisano Alabang
  6. DFA San Fernando, Pampanga

When you claim, go to the said consular office only from Monday to Friday at the scheduled claim date.




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