Unhappy with your internet? That is the question being highlighted when you have a chance to open Converge Philippines website. It just makes us think about the internet service we receive if we are subscribed to the major Telco companies we know. Telco companies provide internet service, and this can be wireless or wired. Nothing beats the speed of wired fiber, which is more stable than the wireless counterparts. The medium of transmitting the internet signal is over the air, when you have wireless internet subscription. This is obvious on mobile data and wireless broadband internet. Although the convenience and ease of installation and mobility is apparent in a wireless internet, the use of cabled internet service has been a standard for decades. Plus, the fiber cables commonly deployed today by Telcos are used to transmit reliable and fast speed internet connection. Do note that speed is an analog measurement, not really digital since signals are passing through physical media in an inconsistent way ( dealt in physics). Unlike air, fiber allows light to pass through it, conveying the information encoded in the light pulse of laser for the transmission and reception side of the network. Sounds very fascinating right? However, fiber gained a reputation of being expensive, and thus limiting its reach away from the typical low or medium income home internet subscriber and some small-medium enterpises. Now we go back to the better question, “how can we stop becoming unhappy with our internet”? We look at Converge Fiberx Plan 1500 as a solution to our dilemma, and proper review will be provided for Converge Fiberx Plan 1500.


It’s already a fact, that the Philippine internet services sucks. Many OFWs or even foreigners would say its terrible to use internet in the Philippines as compared to Europe or in US. There are no widely used home internet statistics for years in the Philippines. Internet is under the ICT services (Information and Communication Technology) and the survey and statistical data gathering just got approved by PSA as announced this year 2018, to gauge the number and quality of service of internet by residents and home internet users (PSA Grants Clearance to the Conduct of 2017 Survey on Information Communication Technology).  The 2013 survey on Information and Communication Technology or ICT in the Philippines reveals ninety-six percent (96%) of establishments have computers with ninety percent (90%) using computers with internet access. This proves that establishments and businesses need internet. Internet gives us access to information, to make transactions, and to avail services online. The internet helps our us get connected to various people like our clients and suppliers. In case of a home internet usage, the lack of data for residential internet statistics makes home internet benchmark difficult to establish since yearly, the internet speed improves. However, we remain unhappy of the internet speed. What we hear from friends abroad and OFWs is that the internet is light speed, even for home internet subscribers in US, South Korea, or Hong Kong. Philippine home internet users need fast internet. If you have slow internet from your Telco, you can check what other smaller Telcos has to offer. We review Fiberx plan under Converge ICT, to learn what is the speed provided at Plan 1500.

Is Converge Fiberx Plan the Answer to Slow Net?

Converge FiberX is not a popular internet plan, or even unheard to many as an internet provider. However, it is promising to hear a 25Mbps internet for residential users. The speed of 25Mbps is descent, and can be a great speed boost for our daily internet usage at home. Based on service page, converge internet is a pure end-to-end fiber internet. Fiber is deployed for fast high speed internet connection. It was usually used for businesses, where critical speed and reliability is needed. Such business plans for high speed internet have been exclusive to suh businesses, but the spread of similar residential and home fiber variant is now available to Filipino net users. Fi

Converge Fiberx Plan 1500 Review


Speed is a measure of service. If you get faster service, it usually means you need to pay more. Paying more means the internet service becomes not affordable. Most users and home-owners do not have the capacity to pay a lot for internet. But in case of Converge, they only charge 1500 pesos for a 25Mbps fiber internet. This means that if we compute how much we have to pay for every speed increment (Mbps), we have 60 pesos per 1 Mbps increment.

FiberX 1500 25Mbps
FiberX 2500 50Mbps
FiberX 3500 100Mbps

No Data Cap

FiberX plans by Converge ICT do not come with Data cap. Data cap means you receive limited data per month. It means if you run out of data, goodbye to your internet (or the speed ) since it will start to crawl very slow. You get more reason to get a converge FiberX 1500 right?

Data flows from and to our internet lines. Download and upload is measured by majority of Telco, and has been a limitation imposed to users for their internet subscription. This is argued by Telco companies that a per bandwidth internet service must be the customer’s option when availing home internet. This is true on Broadband internet, wireless broadband, and mobile data. There is an allocated amount of data per month you can only use. If you exceed, some Telco will give you slow speed usually some 10-256Kbps which just equals the word “slow”. The Telco’s reasoning is about equitable use of internet resource. Equitable in the sense that internet users share network infrastructure like other users. If the line you avail is not a dedicated line (as the usual case with high end business lines), a home plan will be affected by heavy usage of combines users at peak time. If not controlled and the Telco’s capacity is exceeded by demand, and it could not supply the speed and reliability to other users causing slow internet. Sometimes, big Telco companies just want to earn more, and they impose unreasonable data cap to force an internet subscriber to pay more and upgrade.


In the case of Converge ICT, their internet user base is not as big as other Telcos, and they can still offer the ideal internet service setup. The ideal internet service does not give a data cap. It means you are free to use how much data you can get out of your paid speed. It is in their website, there is no data cap under their FiberX plans. Consider the cheapest plan- the FiberX 1500 that offers 25Mbps without data cap for just 1500 pesos monthly.

How to Apply for Converge FiberX Plan 1500?

To apply for COnverge ICT FiberX 1500 home internet, you need to secure the following requirements:

  1. A Valid ID which can be any Government ID or a Company ID
  2. Proof of Residency or of billing
  3. For foreigners: Identity cards and documents, notarized contract of lease bearing the name of applicant, and any of the following:
    – Alien Certificate of Registration
    – Valid Visa
    – Work Permit
    – Certificate of employment showing at least 1 year employment
    – A Tenancy agreement showing office residence address

Take note that we also review the installation fee of 2500 pesos. There is a minimum speed rated 30% of the stated speed as the threshold and an 80% service reliability. Contract of subscription to Converge FiberX 1500 is 24 months or 2 years.

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