November 24th 2018 marks the opening of the night light and sound view at Nuvali, Sta Rosa City in the province of Laguna. As the much awaited days towards the Christmas day, we Filipinos are known to be the longest Christmas season observers and we really love the Christmas lights towards the end of the year. Nuvali lights and sounds is open now for 2018, and going to this years light show will be another interesting spot to be at when you are at Sta Rosa, Laguna.


Nuvali light and sounds show at night is park of a yearly presentation of Christmas lights, decors, and sounds of Christmas that we can go to for a free photo op. We witness from the last years Nuvali open light and sounds view that it was a very pleasant experience to drop-by to the venue which is just a few steps only from the cozy restaurants and shopping establishments in Nuvali.



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