Semestral List of Regular Suppliers or SRS Validation Module is a digitization initiative of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Philippines.


In the submission of Semestral List of Regular Suppliers or SRS, Data entry and validation module requirement is needed.

The BIR SRS data entry and validation module is a software program to be run on user’s computer for SRS validation. Before, validation of all entries are check manually. BIR provides this program to check the entries if it is valid for the submission of Semestral List of Regular Suppliers in terms of filename and proper format. Checking is done with an input file, to be checked by a  built-in initial validation feature.

Semestral List of Regular Suppliers or SRS Validation module can be downloaded by the taxpayer or accountant from the BIR official website at Specifically, the location of the “Semestral List of Regular Suppliers (SRS) Validation Module” is at at the middle part of the page. Two options can be clicked to download the SRS validation program: as EXE or executable BIRValidateSRS.exe or as compressed ZIP file.


How to Create the Input Excel File for SRS Validation Module

I. Input file can be prepared using Microsoft Excel. Here are the rules that must strictly be followed, so that the validation module will give fewer errors. We will heck the most common errors by the end of the Input file validation steps.

a) The Excel spreadsheet must contain two (2) sections: the HEADERS and it’s DETAILS. The first row of the sheet is comprised of HEADERS.
b) In the next rows of the created sheet, the number of rows is based om the number of payees/employees, should contain DETAILS. Hence, 50 rows is required for 50 details of the semestral list. Follow the format outlined in the DETAILS portion for the applicable form/schedule.
c) Avoid the use of header column names.
d) Observe proper column sequence on your entries and must be in specified field format.
e) All entered data will not contain any special characters as it causes error (commas, apostrophes, quotes, colons and periods). The exception to this is the Periods, which can be utilized for amount decimal points.
f) All amounts must be numbers and periods if applicable, and must never contain commas or special characters. Example is “Php 123,456,789.12” should be entered as 123456789.12. If the amount field is a  zero, as in “0”, i.e., put zero and not blank. For actual blanks, put no entry.
g) Leading zeros (0) must be supplied: Example is Branch Code is 1, it must be encoded as 0001 (not as 1) In case the Return Period is December 31, 2018, it should enetered as 12/31/2018 (never as 12/31/18)
h) Save the created Excel file as 9999999999999MMDDYYYYsrs.csv (comma delimited format) as the file type where:
999999999 is the 9 digit Withholding Agent’s TIN,
9999 is the next 3 digit Withholding Agent’s Branch Code,
MMDDYYYY is the semestral/calendar period, and
srs stands for semestral list of regular suppliers

II. Using Notepad to Create the File
a) Same as the rules stated in Part I, do steps a-g.
b) Separate every value as a column separator character via comma symbol.
c) Save the created Excel file as 999999999999MMDDYYYYsrs.csv (comma delimited format) as the file type.

SRS Validation Module Common Error


  1. The File is Mandatory

The fix involves finding the csv file you created before, by following the steps above. Depending on the file location, it can either be at drive C: or D:. Select C: if it was in desktop, then proceed selecting “Users” then “admin” (depending on your PC, it can be different. After clicking the user folder location, go to Desktop. If file is not in desktop, go to the appropriate path.


2. The file you want to validate does not conform..

Make sure the input file is not in .xlsx or excel file, but as a .csv. To ensure the file is .csv, select the file type upon saving sa comma-delimited file.

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