Often than not, we are accustomed to doing our routines everyday. We go to work, or look up for the kids and house chores, that we forget to do some tasks that pile up this year. We give you the best things to Do before the year ends, in this case is year end for 2018.


Sometimes, we feel the year end so fast. It is just a fresh memory when the year 2017 ends, but now we are already preparing for the Christmas and New Years day of 2018 as we are already in the “Ber” months. Ber months are: September, October, November and December. The Ber months also signify the ending of the year, as it is already the 4th quarter of the year, with the beginning of the new year in the next 100 plus days or less.

So here are the list of best things to Do before the year ends that we can share, so that we are prepared for an exciting and promising new year ahead!


10 Things to Do Before the Year Ends

  1. Settle your tax duties
    Yes, it is always better to be ahead the deadline than to get penalized for late filling and paying of tax duties. For your business, one of those may involve BIR, like preparing BIR requirements like SRS. Year end can be a perfect time to do so.

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  2. Do not just save, invest your money to grow
    We may receive our 13th month pay ahead of time than other employees. Others may get a 14th month Christmas bonus. Some may also get a cash bonus like the Government employees. Money saved in bank is a step above spending on unnecessary stuffs. Investing, however is above saving, as the money you put into an investment instrument can earn more than flat and low bank interests.

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  3. Free up some digital space aka Phone/ PC internal memory
    Free up some space off your cellphone. This year may be full of amazing memories that is captured via photo op, or selfie. Data, may pile up on your laptop or cellphones, and we need a way to archive some of the less accessed photo or video (or any file stored on your cellphone) so that our devices will not slow down due to used up HDD / memory space.
    Emails are also often neglected, but the year end gives us time to delete not important emails and spam off our email account since free email services like gmail are limited in storage capacity.

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  4. Visit Christmas Destinations nearby
    Yes, go to a nearby Christmas destination like Nuvali Lights and Sound, at Ayala Triangle Christmas Lighting, or enjoy most of Christmas design inspired malls providing Christmas deals.

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  5. Go out-of-town
    Pamper yourself, and take that most awaited out-of-town vacation to El Nido or Boracay. Most employers are open to approving vacation leaves on year end. If your lucky, you may also get a Christmas Piso sale from airlines to book flights now for next year.

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  6. Make sure your contributions (SSS, Pag-Ibig) are up-to-date
  7. Check your expiring subscriptions
  8. Never too late to start end year Exercise routine
  9. Look for personal advancement opportunities
  10. Reflect on the lessons and blessings of the ending year

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