Cheapest Mobile Data Trick 2019

Now that there are just few days before we welcome a new year of 2019, we reflect on the promos we have late this 4th quarter of 2018. We only hear news about the new Telco 3rd player, and how it could potentially revolutionize the slow and expensive internet in the Philippines. Although it may take within 5 years to have the benefits of better and cheaper internet from the Mislatel new telecommunications provider, we evaluate now what is the cheapest we have at hand to get the cheapest mobile data this 2019. Like magic that has a trick, we give you only the legit and working trick for mobile data that will work now as of this writing to 2019. Without further a do, we list the cheapest mobile prepaid data trick for 2019.

Cheapest Mobile Data Trick 2019

Globe Subscribers Best Deal Prepaid Promo Trick

With regards to Globe, our cellsite at our faraway community was upgraded to 4G signal, like other areas in the Philippines that receive improving coverage for signal and mobile data connection. Since the issue on coverage is more apparent with the other competitor, we focus our evaluation of cheapest mobile data trick on Globe’s prepaid services. We will not look for a cheap data trick in the postpaid line of business of Globe, since we all know that we will not find any :).


Anyways, Globe Network is composed of Globe, TM, and a new addition – Cherry. Cherry is a prepaid service available now. It can be used by purchasing a Cherry SIM card and putting it into your phone SIM slot. We will look into Cherry prepaid momentarily, as we will check Globe promos first first.


As what we have used this year 2018, we see this cheapest mobile data trick under Globe to be carried on to next year 2019. The reason is, these promos has been around for years, with Globe not putting it into mainstream Data promos.

Gotscombokea37 + Gosurfbe34

Globe Gotscombokea37 is a favorite among mobile data subscribers. It provides us with 1 Gigabyte of mobile data to browse to the internet, chat, see social media, etc. plus 20 texts to all networks. The 1 Gigabyte data might not be enough if watching lots of Youtube, but you can enjoy this promo alone within 24 hours upon registration. Compare that to Gosurf50, you just saved 13 pesos.

Globe promo Gosurfbe34 is used to extend the other Gosakto data promo for another 15 days. It is like an extender, so that you can enjoy cheaper mobile data at longer duration. It also provides additional 20MB data.

How to register Gotscombokea37

Text Gotscombokea37 to 8080. Minimum load of 37 pesos.


How to register Gosurfbe34

Text Gosurfbe34 to 8080. Minimum load of 34 pesos.


Trick when Availing Gotscombokea37+ Gosurfbe34

You can register Gotscombokea37 first and use it, then register Gosurfbe34 before Gotscombokea37 expires. This would give us 15.9 days to enjoy the mobile data. Use your Reminder app/ Google calendar to be reminded about reloading the Gosurfbe34.


Cherry SIM Best Deal Prepaid Promo Trick

Cherry SIM has the carrier Globe, which means it will work when you are already using Globe SIM mobile data services. This is a new network, and few would only know or heard about the fantastic mobile data it offers. I give now the working trick that will be legit, and BS free 😉

Cheapest Mobile Data Trick 2019 with Cherry Prepaid


Cherry Prepaid promo CMSURF50 gives huge and cheap data of 700 MB, for just 50 pesos. But you might be asking why this is a great deal as compared to a Globe Gosurf50? Well, you got to enjoy the 700 Megabytes of mobile data for 15 days. Great deal right! Essentially, you just saved 21 pesos to achieve the same amount of data and duration of Globe Gotscombokea37 + Gosurfbe34, not considering the small 300MB. You can get-by with the data if you are not heavy user of mobile internet.


1.2 GB is available when you subscribe to CMSURF99. Great new is. it good for 30 days! Compare that to Globe Gosurf99, which gives only 200MB true mobile Data and an app specific freebie of 1GB for 30 Days. What if you use the internet for browsing only, then Gosurf99 is expensive in my opinion. Possible savings on CMSURF99 is 37 pesos (since with Globe Gosurf99, you might need to subscribe to a Gotscombokea37 to have a workable 1 Gigabyte data).

How to register CMSURF50 ?

To register, just text CMSURF50 to 2138.


How to register CMSURF99?

To register, just text CMSURF99 to 2138.


Complete Promos List of Cherry Prepaid

Promo Promo Details Cost
CMVIBE5 All-day Viber chat for 1 day P5
CMCHAT10 Unlimited Chat + FB for 1 day P10
CMSURF10 100 MB internet surfing for 1 day P10
CMSURF20 200 MB internet surfing for 7 days P20
CMSURF50 700 MB internet surfing for 15 days P50
CMSURF99 1.2 GB internet surfing for 30 days P99
CMSURF199 2 GB internet surfing for 60 days P199
CMSURF299 3 GB internet surfing for 60 days P299
CMSURF399 4 GB internet surfing for 60 days P399
CMSURF499 6 GB internet surfing for 60 days P499

Cherry Promo- Hot!

Get a Free 1.5 Gigabyte internet for 6 months. Every month, you get free 250MB within the 6 months period by just activating and using the new Cherry LTE SIM. Php29 is the cost of SIM.


So there you have it, may 2019 be a great year for everyone.

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