The general public has seen many trending at social media platforms such as Facebook, be it a viral topic on good or bad things. One particular thing that caught the attention of many is the bullying in educational institutions, which are just supposed to be a school for learning. Now, attention gets to point to a young Ateneo Junior High student, which showed fighting to other students according to the circulating videos. As for the student’s side, on his facebook post, he do not admit it was bullying and he meant it is just a self defense. The suspected bullying incident at Ateneo was now a nationwide topic and netizens anger strikes the facebook account of the said student.


To those not aware of the trending topic of suspected Ateneo bullying incidence, we give information as to the viral video that shock Facebook, Twitter, other social media netizens, and now being picked up by mainstream national media. The student according to social media and relevant mainstream news, is Joaquin Montes. He is a champion in the sports of Taekwondo, competing to tournaments under the Ateneo De Manila High school. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art with head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques as the primary fighting style. Videos going viral are videos showing the student fighting and showing dominance to another Ateneo student while at comfort room. The said student attacked looks like he is in pain, and suffered from fighting with a relatively not taller student.


As seen from the Facebook page of Joaquin Montes, are tens of thousand of comments and reactions condemning the alledged bullying videos, and the the post of Joaquin Montes that enraged many to comment and react on the moral and values of the student. One post from Joaquin Montes particularly announce to those commenting and reacting to his acts are afraid of there mothers, hence how could they get to him.


One post as shown above is from his FB post, posting his message that many people commenting on his FB account about beating him in return is just an online thing. He ended his Facebook response with ridicule via LOL (laugh out loud) emoji.


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