In a statement gathered from Twitter, the Government Finance department has released the good news to Filipinos. December 2018 Inflation Rate is not yet released until today, that the rate of inflation is lower, as compared to prior months of record high rates. Inflation rate goes down for the last month of the year 2018 or for the month of December.

Inflation rate slowed down to 5.1% in December 2018, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority which is a good news. A lower inflation rate means prices of commodities did not increased significantly during that period of time. A low inflation rate means the middle to low income Filipino workers can expect lower increase on the cost of goods and services. The data also signifies a sound government policy in promoting financial stability to the masses.

  2018 Inflation Rate Average           5.2
 January 3.4
 February 3.8
 March 4.3
 April 4.5
 May 4.6
 June 5.2
 July 5.7
 August 6.4
 September 6.7
 October 6.7
 November 6
December  5.1

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