SSS Contribution Table 2018

The year of 2019 just started, and we give you the updated SSS Contribution Table.

As of last quarter of 2018, the Senate and House of representatives approved the passage of the Social Security Act of 2018 after the Bicameral session to pass the bill for the approval of the President. House Bill 2158 and Senate Bill 1753 is pending  to be signed into law as the Social Security Act of 2018.

It is a perfect time to private employees or not yet SSS members to pay for their SSS contribution to enjoy the benefits being given to them by the statutory benefits of Philippine Social Security System. Qualified members who are employees that lose their work will get 50% of their mean monthly salary for up to two months.

The provisions of the the new 2018 social security bill include the increase of 1% contribution on top of the existing rate, resulting to a 12 percent of base salary as member’s SSS contribution in the next two years. If approved by President Duterte, the new salary credit will be Php 20,000, from previous Php 16,000. By 2025, the contribution rate will be subsequently increased to 15 percent. By 2025, the salary credit well then become Php 35,000.

Previously we have a downloadable SSS Contribution Table 2018. We give you now the new 2019 SSS contribution table for easy checking of your company, employee, or personal SSS contribution.


SSS Contribution Table 2019
SSS Contribution Table 2019


Get the downloadable new SSS Contribution Table 2019 here,with the high resolution reproducible landscape, high image here.

If you also click the link for a portrait version, download the new SSS contribution table 2019 updated version here.



Social Security Act of 2018 currently is pending approval for signature of President. Contribution table for 2019 valid and up to date. Once the bill is signed, the contribution table will be updated,

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