PWD ID Card is issued to eligible people with disabilities, in accordance to the law recognizing the welfare of persons with disabilities by mandating discounts and privileges to PWDs. Like other laws enacted to give better access to healthcare, transportation and other important needs for pregnant women and senior citizens,  persons with disabilities are being given easier access to these needs. PWD IDs are issued as a proof of being a PWD, and is honored for the availment of statutory PWD benefits. Now trending in social media is the issuance of PWD ID to a netizen with poor vision. This was a surprise to many, since having poor vision is commonly known to be not a disability, unless you are blind. This made people with poor vision curios as to how to get a PWD ID card and enjoy benefits of PWD as accorded by Philippine laws. Not known to many, that PWD ID card can be issued to a person with visual disability only if they meet the criteria.


Getting PWD ID card is easy. Follow the link here, to know the guidelines in how to get PWD ID.


PWD ID criteria for Issuance for Visual Disability

To be eligible to get a PWD ID on the basis of visual disability, one must be:

  1. Visual function is impaired even after a medical treatment
  2. Vision on the better eye is less than or equal to 20/70
  3. Field of eyesight is less than 10 degrees from fixation point.

Corrected vision with the aide of eye wear like eyeglasses, contact lenses or treated with LASIK surgery is not a visual disability.

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