Momo App Suicide Challenge

A shocking news from Tv Patrol as claimed on Facebook posts circulating the social media giant is about an 11 year old kid from the Philippines who died while playing the Momo Challenge app. The interactive app made the kid swallow lethal dose of capsules/meds causing the unfortunate event to happen. As hospitals was unable to treat the toxic dose, the kid died after 48 hours of delayed treatment due to no toxicologist doctor from hospitals they checked. The harm was due to the game’s challenges, and this news alarmed parents on apps like these to their kid’s safety.

Momo App Suicide Challenge

“Momo Game: Kill the Momo” is an app from Google Playstore that lets its players do some challenges. It can be downloaded at Google Playstore link here.

The game is viral  as it creates attention on stories about kids harming themselves. the character that looks creepy, is called the “Momo”.

The said game can be hidden within other downloaded games, then when opened, the kid may start using the game and parental guidance could be late as the game is already being played. There has been a report about the app appearing in ads from kid section videos. Some reported the ads of the Momo Game: Kill the Momo appeared after watching Peppa Pig. It was also claimed  that the ads appear in Facebook and Whatsapp. The most bothering of all that this normally appearing game looks like is that it tells your child to self harm themselves or Momo will put a curse on the player. The innocent kid may believe the game, as young age makes the game real to our kid’s mind.

As parents, we need to be observant on the usage of phones by our kids to avoid harm. For instance, as the game has a clear description that minimum age of user is 16 above, the game must not be played at the bot recommended age. Since it is our responsibility as parents to protect our kids, ensure the game is not harmful and must not induce violence to harm other people or themselves by reviewing the app. Link to app already provided above. If the app is bot appropriate, remove the app from the devices.

Some stories circulate social media giant Facebook, as shown below:

Momo Game challenge makes kids harm themselves


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