The CSC Professional and Sub-Professional March 27, 2019 exam was scheduled and aspiring employees wishing to apply for government positions will await  for the answers to be checked.


CSC will release results that lists the names of passers for both Professional Pen-and-Paper test and Sub-Pro Pen-and-Paper test. Pen-and-Paper test requires CSC exam takers to wait for the results announcement, which we share via this post. Please click the links below for the CSC Pen-and-paper test passers.

Results March  2019 Pen-and-Paper Test CSC

Note: Exam results are officially released and shared, usually within 45 days from exam taking date.

Passing the exam and verifying that your name appears on the list means you will be eligible for civil service in the government of the Philippines. The type of exam taken will also set your option for application as Professional CSC eligibility opens opportunities for positions available for Sub-professional exam passers but also higher non-clerical positions not open for sub-pro. This structure of civil service exam ensures qualified individuals will be eligible for higher positions under the professional category. Since that is the case, taking the Professional type of exam is recommended for experienced private employee or confident new graduates 18  years old above. Please note that the professional exam has items more difficult than the sub-pro, which can be deduced from a longer exam duration versus the sub-professional test.


The CSC passer count through the years are statistically low, which is only around 10-20% of the total exam taker count. This means the exam will require review preparation for better exam outcome as compared to cramming review or no review at all.


To get a CSC ID card, which is available for CSC exam passers, please follow the link below:

CSC ID Card Philippines -Steps to Request

CSC also provides Computerized examination or COMEX which will speed up the process of knowing your exam result if you pass or fail. Results will be made available after taking the COMEX.

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