Want to try the new trending filter? There are hundreds of photo and video apps out there to try, but only few gets the spotlight and thrill of the netizens in terms of using filter apps. What if the app can swap your gender? Sounds cool right. So we will talk about this new photo filter from Snapchat everyone is talking about. By the way, Snapchat is one of the most popular camera app available for most mobile devices like android and iPhones that allows you to be connected to friends and other Snapchat users worldwide. Right now, 180 million people utilizes the app to play, talk, and take some pictures with amazing filters.


Snapchat is popular because it can alter your appearance from your cellphone camera. Now Snapchat has a new feature to allow users to take on a gender-swapped alter self. This viral gender swap is now trending and viral due to good rendering of the gender swapping feature.

Many new pictures have been appearing on timelines in social media sites like facebook and twitter the past days with new looking, what-if photo images of what anyone might look like if they were born of opposite gender, thus the name gender swap.

Want to try now the Gender swap filter? Just follow these steps and be blown away of your opposite gender version.

How to get Gender Swap?

Download Snapchat on Playstore or AppStore depending on your supported devices, then install. If you do not see the Snapchat link, you can search “Snapchat” or simple click here for quick link.


How to Create your Gender Swap?

Create a Snapchat account from the app or the Snapchat create login page before you may start capturing your Gender Swap images.

Once done, you may now begin the Gender swap capturing steps. Click the large circle button in the middle of the screen to open the camera capture. If you do see yourself on the cellphone screen, press the smiling face icon beside the large circle you just clicked. This will show all of the available filters by Snapchat.

Scroll down so that you find the new filters. Look for  a Man’s face (shows with beard) or the Woman’s face(shows with make-up and long lashes). Click your appropriate gender swap filter then position the camera to apply the filter.

Gender swapped selfie results will be displayed instantly as preview. Don’t forget to capture the photo, wait a few seconds, and your gender swap is done. Share your pic and have fun.


Shared above are some Gender swap images online. Create yours and show your gender swapped self.

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